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Just a little housekeeping.

Hi all, just letting you know I've made a few changes to the site today and will probably make a few more minor changes in the coming days.

1. News articles should now have a 'last unread' button, the same as Forum topics (so you shouldn't really be able to tell the difference).

2. New forums created:
* 2015 season created
* 2014 moved to historic section
* Media board created (covers peoples comments over media coverage of the comp)
* St Kilda forum created under club boards
* TAC Cup forum moved to Other forums

3. The 'recent activity' column on the left now shows only the last 7 active topics and now contains a link at the bottom of the colum to show the next 8 to 25 most recent comments.

4. The news topics are being updated.

5. Any user can now add a new article. Robbo or myself will be able to publish it. Basically this means any VFA/VFL news article you submit will require:

Source (eg. The Port Phillip Leader)
Reporter (eg. Paul Amy)
URL Link (eg. paste website address)

First 3-5 paragraphs.

6. I'm hoping to get the audio/video/gallery areas up and running but that requires a bit of tweaking.


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