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Ken Gannon says only VFL and TAC players should be drafted
I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned earlier - very strong comments. [quote]Also, it is disappointing when some talented players don’t put themselves up for scrutiny by playing in a high standard competition like the VFL, in the hope they will be the ‘smoky’ some clubs secure. It would be much fairer to all Victorian players if entry to the draft was limited to players in the TAC Cup or TXU-VFL.[/quote] Personally I totally disagree with these statements. He is virtually saying some players are too chicken to test themselves out in the big leagues. Why on earth would some players want to leave their local clubs when they are guaranteed a full game and more money? Or in the case of many VAFA players, the joy of representing their club and playing with mates far outweighs the slight possibility they may be drafted. If a player is good enough, he will be picked up, regardless of whether he plays VFL or not. There are plenty of examples of good players getting picked up from the VAFA or country leagues over the past decade. I think it would be a disgrace if a player who was overlooked initially in the TAC Cup then went back to his local club, starred but couldn't be drafted because of a stupid rule saying he had to play a game in the VFL. Thoughts?
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