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Agree that it should be Ayres' call when he leaves. He's 58, and been there 12 years still getting results, so unless they have someone they are sure will be better, then it should be left to him.

Pinwill is interesting- no one has more respect at Port than him - is he coaching anywhere this year? Im sure he played somewhere for free in 2018, but it would be too much to expect someone with no experience to coach at this level first up. 

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Done and dusted according to Paul Amy

Paul Amy


Gary Ayres will be back at Port Melbourne for a 13th season, club football director Adrian Bonaddio confirming it last night. He said the Borough were ‘looking to lock it away as soon as possible’. Seven prelims, four grand finals and two flags for Port under Ayres.

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Great News ! Their is a God and according to most Port Supporterts his initials are G.A. !!!!

17 PREMIERSHIPS, 21 X Runners up




Didn't realise Garrry Ablett was involved at Port Mega !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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I'll pay that one Digs - When you are in Carlton this weekend don;t forget who your VFA team was and is !

17 PREMIERSHIPS, 21 X Runners up



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Come along on Sunday digs. Catch up for an ale or two. Will email you details of which pub pre game.

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From the Port Phillip Leader /
Reported by Paul Amy

VFL REPORT (Leader Local Footy) – VFL 2019: Richmond defeats Plucky Port Melbourne in Preliminary Final

The Richmond theme song started in the Norm Goss grandstand at the 27-minute mark of the last quarter.

True to the lyrics, the Tigers supporters weren’t waiting until the final siren had gone.

But their team did have to wait until the final term to get the better of a plucky Port Melbourne in the VFL preliminary final at North Port Oval on Saturday.

The Borough led by three points at three-quarter time and they could sense another victory to extend their rousing run to the last match of the season.

But it turned out that Port, gallant Port, had no more to give against an outstanding team.

Stronger in the air at both ends of the ground, the Tigers ran away with six goals to one in the final quarter to take a 26-point victory.

The minor premiers with a dazzling 16-2 record, they became the first team into the grand final.

Dan Butler, Mabior Chol, Jacob Townsend and Callum Moore sing the song.

“This group of players is a special group,’’ Richmond coach and former Brisbane premiership star Craig McRae said after the game.

“They’ve found a way all year. They just want to win, and they trust each other. We’ve seen it from rounds one, two and three, winning close games. We won all our close games and the belief is really strong, and I just said to the players, you don’t get many chances to be in this position. Grand finals don’t come along every week. Really exciting.’’

The Tigers had kicked four consecutive goals in the first quarter to earn a handy lead, Connor Menadue prominent with two goals and 10 touches.

Port answered in the second term with its own run of four goals and at half time the scores were level.

Before the players left the ground they came together on the wing for a push-and-shove and shouting match.

Perhaps it came back to an earlier incident in which Port’s Tom “Junior’’ O’Sullivan took a late hit from Jake Aarts as he marked. He had to leave the ground with what was thought to be a fractured eye socket and at half time was taken to hospital “a pretty sick boy’’, Port coach Gary Ayres said after the game.

Jake Gasper took O’Sullivan’s kick and launched it through the goals, a lifter for the Borough. Aarts was reported by the emergency umpire; if he’s suspended at the tribunal, he won’t play in the grand final at Carlton next Sunday.

The third quarter produced only three goals, two for Port and one for the Tigers, who also registered six points, Mabior Chol and Menadue missing and Aarts being run down in a desperate tackle from Campbell Walker as he was about to kick the ball inside 50.

Port had Jarryd Blair, co-captain Tom O’Sullivan, Shannen Lange, Matt Arnot and Eli Templeton driving it forward, and its defence was up to the task of quelling Richmond’s tall targets.

The Borough got the first goal of the final quarter to boot nine points clear, Jordan Lisle slipping it through on his left foot from the square.

Richmond’s response was as brilliant as it was emphatic.

It kicked the next six, two from Patrick Naish and two from Oleg Markov, and one from Callum Moore and Chol, Moore making a set-shot after a high mark. He burst into the game after a quiet first half.

McRae said the final quarter was about “playing the minutes’’.

“We’ve got 20 AFL players, professionals. Just play the minutes and see if they can go with us. Again, it’s based a lot on our belief,’’ he said.

Ayres said he couldn’t question his players’ endeavour.

“I couldn’t be prouder of their capacity to fight,’’ he said.

“The only thing I can say is that maybe we played too conservatively in the third quarter, didn’t use the ball with the intent we could have, even though we had the ascendancy and were playing some reasonable footy.

“But that last quarter, they were all over us. We weren’t good enough for long enough. Richmond didn’t finish No 1 by accident. They are a very good side. I reckon they’ll take a power of beating in the grand final with their size, their skill level, the way their game plan holds up.’’

Ayres said the club could be satisfied with its season. Forty-six players appeared at senior level, the average age of the team was 22 and two finals were won against opponents that finished higher on the ladder, Geelong and Footscray.

“There’s a little bit to like,’’ he said.

As for his future, Ayres is out of contract but the club will announce soon that he will go on for a 13th season.

“We’re having meaningful discussions with Gary at the moment about 2020,’’ Port Melbourne football director Adrian Bonaddio said.

“Now that the season is finished we’re looking to lock it away as soon as possible.’’

Richmond 5.3-33 7.6-48 8.12-60 14.15-99 defeated
Port Melbourne 3.2-20 7.6-48 9.9-63 10.13-73
Goal Kickers: J. Lisle 2, E. Templeton 2, J. Gasper 2, E. Phillips, I. Conway, M. Signorello, K. Haretuku.
Best Players: J. Blair, M. Wenn, M. Arnot, H. Hooper, E. Templeton, D. Johnstone.