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Final Score

North Meb 3-6(24)

Casey 19-17(131)


North are a total basket case and should be sent to Tassie.They will be lucky to win a game in either the VFL or AFL this season! 

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Reckon Camberwell 1986 team would beat north Melbourne.  North is a complete basket case and long odds on to be winless in both afl and vfl level. Long winter ahead for the roos I'm afraid. No light ahead of a long tunnel. 

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I managed to see the last 15 minutes of the game. Morale must be shot at North. They led like witches hats for some of that play.

On the flip side, Casey look good. They mixed the ball sharply and clearly. They will probably be in finals contention. I'll have to watch the game on its entirety but what do people see has their weakness or deficiencies? 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Billy Tassie deserve their own team not the rabble that is Norf.  Merge Norf and St Kilda to make way for a Tassie team.

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Does anyone know if its possible to get the VFL team lineups anywhere? They used to be posted on the old VFL site at 6.30pm on Thursday but now theres nothing posted on the new site. I even bought the Herald Sun and its not in there either. We are up to round three and this still hasnt been sorted out. Once again not good enough by the  AFL.



Very sad to watch !

Unfortunately VFA'S term "Witches hats" was never more appropiate !

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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North Melbourne vfl team would rate as bad as any In a very long time.

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North not going to well at the moment; they dont deserve to be forced into an arranged marriage with the mob for Moorabbin.

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Right now Casey would be an early flag favourite. I didn't think there'd be much question of that given their list.