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Mega, the mcg stomp has been going for several years. I have done both level one and level 4 twice. Two years ago I did just level one. My knees now struggle with level 4. You basically walk every aisle in level one or both level one and 4. Level one takes roughly 45min, both levels take around 2 hours. Not sure what the charity it but it is for a good cause plus good for fitness. The stomp is also done at scg, gabba, Adelaide oval, Perth and in New Zealand. 


Frankston Station You are missing ONE IMPORTANT FACT Mate this outbreak is because of the SA Liberal governments HQ failure!


Bearsman. Victoria does have their own QR code now!The trick is to get business and esp people to actually use them which they don't do fully anywhere in Australia if the news repots are correct!

Same goes for mask wearing it not only up the governments only but the public have to comply for these things to work!

And you can be sure there will be out breaks from HQ failures in other states as the experts are predicting!

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Billy, better 6 months late than never I guess...You're right its up to the people to use it, and also the businesses to make sure they do. Since lockdown 4 started Ive been to a supermarket, petrol station and a coffee shop and while all had a QR scan availale all were in places that were hard to see and no one cared if I used them or not. Also Bayside shopping centre in Frankston, does not require you to sign in, you can just stroll in. Any wonder we are in this mess...


All will be remedied when "Whinging Windscreens" wins the next state election !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


With 11 new cases announced today

It is hard to see how VFL season resumes this year. With a likely lockdown which now go for a lot longer than a week plus Queensland border closure 


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It is safe to say no vfl games this weekend and the following weekend queens birthday now a long shot after 11 cases today. Reckon the lockdown will be extended by an extra 7 days at a minimum. Feel sorry for the small business owners. Looks like will be dusting the old vhs and dvds over the next few weeks.