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Not sure as game is televised by Foxtel and kayo. If north Melbourne can play with 5 afl listed players regularly than Richmond can at least do tomorrow night to get the game happening. Hope there is a game tomorrow night.

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We'll take a

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If Richmond pull the pin it should be a forfeit. No excuses for richmond. Back in the early 1900s Richmond did forfeit a vfa gf against north Melbourne as it did not want umpire Allen appointed. The vfa did appoint Allen for the gf so Richmond forfeited.

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With Queensland shutting the door on Whittlesea and the virus spreading I wouth think the Bullants v Southport game will be in doubt.


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Looks like a couple of big outs for richmond vfl team including caddy, Coleman Jones. Frankston huge chance.

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Richmond's side for tomorrow night just announced. Significantly weakened with only a couple of AFL listed blokes. Big opportunity for Frankston, assuming the game still goes ahead.

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If game goes ahead will definitely be putting on a few dollars on the dolphins on sportsbet.

Frankston station

Take it or leave it

just got told tonight 1115pm l

richmond are not playing tomorrow nite

hope I'm absolutely wrong 

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Where'd you hear that Station? I'd be amazed if that were true.....Richmond would be in all kinds of strife if they pulled the pin without a league directive to do so. Given that there's been no suggestion from the league, can't see that happening.

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Thursday, May 27, 7.10pm @ Skybus Stadium (RPPFM 98.7, 6.45pm; Foxtel 504, 7pm)

B: 26. W. Arthurson, 13. A. Styles, 4. M. Williams
HB: 21. M. Cox, 33. T. Barlow, 2. J. Newman
C: 7. W.  Fordham, 9. N.  Freeman, 6. T.  Small
HF: 28. B. McLaughlin, 1. J. Begley, 22. C. Riley
F: 5. K. Owens, 35. R. D'Arcy, 42. J. Stern
R: 27. T. Young, 31. W. Mackay, 8. S. Fletcher
Inter: 36. C. Jones, 17. B. Lambert, 39. H. Loughnan, 30. B. McCormack

Emerg: 14. L. Hiscock, 38. B. O'Leary, 43. J. Voss, 46. L. Williams 

In: Freeman, Lambert, Mackay, Riley, Stern, M. Williams

Out: A. Brolic, A. Krakauer, J. Lloyd, J. Mentha


B: 65. J. Nathan, 46. B. Miller, 47. B. Nyuon
HB: 31. R. Mansell, 43. D. Eggmolesse-Smith, 55. L. Street
C: 66. B.  Henderson, 5. J.  Ross, 53. G.  McDonagh
HF: 52. A. Hicks, 54. B. Melville, 56. R. Loton
F: 68. M. Bartlett, 72. J. Scanlon, 38. N. Cumberland
R: 32. S. Ryan, 67. F. Elliot, 44. S. Stack
Inter: 70. W. Bravo, 64. S. Durham, 57. N. Oakes, 69. J. Sexton 

In: Bravo, Loton, Mansell, Oakes, Ross, Scanlon, Sexton
Out: J. Caddy, M. Chol, C. Coleman-Jones, T. Dow, W. Martyn, C. Olden, M. Rioli