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Early VFA memories
Early VFA memories What are your early VFA memories ? I can recall Williamstown winning the 1969 2nd Division Grand Final against Sunshine and then coming up to 1st Division and making it to the Grand Final in 1st Division in 1970 only to fing Prahran a bit too good. Also remember when the Saturday matches were also televised by Channel 0 as well as the 1st Division games on Sunday. Then there was the lightning premierships during the VFA finals series. I also remember there was a brawl in almost every VFA match I went to from 1969. Tough rugged footy. Can anyone recall their first VFA match they went to ? Also the first VFA Grand Final you attended ?
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Mine would be running on to Toorak Park after Camberwell won the 1979 2nd Division Grand Final... no actual memory of the game itself, but running towards the crowd on the ground after the Siren.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

Don't really have any, Ons. Best game I saw this year was when Williamstown beat us in the senior at Willy, one of the best games of football have ever seen at any level.
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:D The first VFA Grand Final I saw was 1960 Sandy were top of the ladder and favourites to win after defeating Oakleigh in the so we were ready to pounce on them again in the Grand Final so with the rest week and eager to play down came the rain and more rain so the then vfl cancelled their matches and the vfa decided to also thus we had 2 weeks off no football waiting to play the GF. and guess what when the day came Sandy were stale and outplayed by the Oaks and they won comfortably. Albeit a great win to Oakleigh but Sandy blames not playing those 2 weeks and lost momentum. This was the last time a match was cancelled by weather in :cry: the VFA. :(
My earliest VFA memory was the 1989 grand final, Coburg v williamstown at Windy Hill. I was 8 years old, and our family was on holiday. I vividly remember seeing it on the telly, ( and being from a richmond family) asked why richmond was playing essendon? Hadn't our season finished? We were spooners that year. So my first taste of VFA footy was in Inverlock, on a crackly black and white tv. Always lived a few minutes from the box hill ground, so the natural progression was to have an interest in them. It would have been about 1993 that i started taking an interest, i was in grade 6. Dad supported Prahran, growing up in Carnegie, he remembers a day when the vfl was called off because of weather, and there was a bumper crowd at Toorak Park. We always watched the grand finals, i can remember that. We had a family friend, mad collingwood supporter, but him and his mate always went to see box hill play. He went to the 1994 game, we watched on the telly, as box hill tried to do our little pocket of the world proud! This is when i actually started following the mustangs, and in 1995, i went to my first game. Now 1995 was the most exciting of all my years as a richmond supporter, always bottom, now we were sitting on top with carlton, bumper crowds, the first finals i'd ever seen us in (i was born in 1981!), so the stangas didn't get a huge look in that year, but i probably went to 4-5 games, remember really enjoying the atmosphere, and my brother played in the little league one match. So it kind of grew from there. Went with the above mentioned friend, and stood down the freeway end, just in front of the old fellas up on the hill. He said, "count how many times you hear 'go stangas'. Sure enough, every 2-3 minutes, not very loud, more under his breath, you'd hear a go stangas. Funny guy. He's still there usually, used to stand with 6-7 others, now it's only a few of them. Sorry for rambling, but that's some of my earlier memories of the VFA, not as far back as some of yours, but i can't help being a young'n.
Earliest memories were 1973, when home teams wore black shorts. Around that time Prahran had some night practice matches under lights at toorak park, and Dad took me to see the two blues play Oakleigh and Williamstown in these. Eventual premiers of 1974 Port, struggled to 4.16 in a losing effort at Williamstown. Remember the day being wet, dark and blowy and Port with the wind in the 1st term logged 0.8. Willy didn't beat Port again until 1986. Most fascinating for me in my early days was when coloured shorts brought in in 1975. Williamstowns blue shorts for the opening home game against Coburg (Cleary's first game) didn't arrive on time so after years playing home games in black shorts, played in white shorts. A friend of mine who doesn't follow VFL still remembers Northcotes bright green and gold in the first televised game of that season against Sunshine.
My earliest memory is from I think 1954 at the Junction Oval with Northcote making one of their few finals appearences in that era. I even had kept the "Football Recorder" from that game up until the 1980s when my wife decided to throw out all my old junk and I wern't impressed. I can also remember the great Willy teams of the 1950s that won a swag of premierships 5 out of six to be exact and played and beat Port in three consecutive GFs 1954,55,and 56.
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My Dad took me to the opening round of the 1945 season, when the VFA resumed after WW11. It was Camberwell v Oakleigh. I couldn't see a thing in the first half because of the huge crowd (14,000?). We saw all the home games at Camberwell that year, then followed them everywhere from 1946 on. I recall trudging distraught along St Kilda Rd. after the 1946 grand final, which we lost by 7 points to Sandy. I followed the Wells/Tricolours/Cobras through thick & thin for 49 seasons, even in to the depths of the amateurs after they left the VFA. At some amateur games I think my two sons and I were the only supporters Yes, it was mainly thin, but boy I enjoyed those two premierships! Camberwell had some great footballers over those years too: Jim Bohan, Marcus Boyall,"Nipper" Bradford, Frank Stubbs, Ken Ross, Ian Whitten, Lloyd Holyoak, Jack Sharples etc. - and a string of top full forwards: Max Mayo, Bob Milgate, Ron O'Neill, and the great Gary Hammond.


I can just remember going to the Cheltenham ground to watch Sandy play Moorabbin when they first entered the VFA with Box Hill in 1951. I also saw the VFA play the VFL at the old South ground under lights in 1958 iwas a pretty cold and wet night and even though the VFL had the likes of Whitten,Skilton ,Goldsmith,Mantello,Barassi,Aylett the VFA lads put up a good fight for 3/4s before the VFL pulled away in the last quarter to win by a few goals. Went into the VFL rooms before the game and heard the great coach Norm Smith speak to the players and yes he was very impressive.
Another loss zebra like this week...
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[quote="jasonborough"]Another loss zebra like this week...[/quote] Still enjoying the view from the bottom I hope Jason!

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years