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No Holland.. no Box Hill at finals time?
Obviously Holland is a big loss to Box Hill, no doubt about that, but does his injury spell the end for their finals campaign? Certainly more pressure and another quality defender becomes available to play on Clinton Alleway, but I think that a large part of the reason Box Hill are in the 8, is because their midfield works hard, and from what I saw on Saturday, use the ball quite well.
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It's a hard loss. He provided a target as a bloke that's much stronger than the majority of defenders in the league. But, crisis creates opportunity as they say and this will put more of a focus on Alleway and certainly we'll see more of Tim Harvey again. Also, John Barker should see a few weeks at Box Hill and Franklin might see some time also. Jason Eagle made his debut the other day and could be persisted with and Ruory Kirkby has played a bit of CHF in the ressies.
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I'll be tough, but i'm feeling like we're going to get there at least. Who knows what'll happen. Brad Sewell played some great footy for us earlier, if he qualifies for the finals, that'd help. A lot relies on Alleway. He can play some of the most devastating quarters i've ever seen. If he takes a couple of grabs early, he'll start flying for things and taking some of the strongest, most couragous pack marks you'll ever see. Remember a game at Coburg last year, i think he kicked 3 or 4, but honestly, some of the grabs he took, just stunning. His first quarter against Werribee on the telly the other week was the same. Then he has 10-12 touches against port, with absolutely no influence on the game at all. His best is brilliant; his worst, very quiet. Misses some unbelievably easy goals too. But i think it's time, he's going to stand up, he has too! Chuck Timmy Harvey in the mix, easily my favorite player in the VFL, maybe roughead and sammy rudolph, i think we'll suprise a few teams.... GO STANGAS!!!! (Great to see Ross Booth interviewing Harvs after the port game, GO THE MULLET!{what's left of it})