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Ross Lyon

Heard a disturbing story at the Willi B & F Thursday night from a well-respected trainer. Hope Zebra people out there can confirm or not. Seems Willi trainer was advised by Zebra trainers that Ross Lyon attended a Zebra function (may have been guernsey presentation) and Zebras had to pay him to attend. When the function was running a bit behind schedule, Lyon allegedly asked for his money & left without saying a word to the gathered throng. As if its not bad enough to have to pay him to attend an aligned club's function, but to ask for his dough & then leave left me gob-smacked. As an old Royboy I respected Ross as a player & was disappointed to hear this. Hope its not true, but the allegation came from a reliable source. Seems Mr Lyon is not too highly thought of in Zebra-land. I can't imagine Rodney Eade asking for money to attend a Willi function & I know we wouldn't agree to that even if he did. How much money do these blokes want or need?

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He wasn't at the guernsey presentation...

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[quote=zebraman]He wasn't at the guernsey presentation...[/quote]

But was he supposed to be???that was the allegation, that he left before he did whatever he was being paid to do, but it may have been some other function, or it may not be true at all .....


Would not surprise me at all,


[quote=Dolphin]Would not surprise me at all,[/quote]

As finance director at the Roosters for 14 years I can tell you for sure that it goes on.
Some of the biggest names in football are the bloody greediest.
As Wally said "How much do they want". They milk the game for every zac that they can.

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