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Ross Lyon

Heard a disturbing story at the Willi B & F Thursday night from a well-respected trainer. Hope Zebra people out there can confirm or not. Seems Willi trainer was advised by Zebra trainers that Ross Lyon attended a Zebra function (may have been guernsey presentation) and Zebras had to pay him to attend. When the function was running a bit behind schedule, Lyon allegedly asked for his money & left without saying a word to the gathered throng. As if its not bad enough to have to pay him to attend an aligned club's function, but to ask for his dough & then leave left me gob-smacked. As an old Royboy I respected Ross as a player & was disappointed to hear this. Hope its not true, but the allegation came from a reliable source. Seems Mr Lyon is not too highly thought of in Zebra-land. I can't imagine Rodney Eade asking for money to attend a Willi function & I know we wouldn't agree to that even if he did. How much money do these blokes want or need?