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billythekid wrote:vfa wrote:Good standard where Geelong was simply a bit too quick and a one or two many talls. Crowd reasonable of 14,000 + the noise level not too bad. Boroughs had a red hot go but quite not good enough on the day. Footy can be a momentum game as Geelong could have lost to Box Hill or Werribee but did enough to just win and make it through to the GF. They took their opportunties to win. Was very impressed with George Burbury of Geelong. Bathie is a good backman and can make AFL level. They proboably have a few more that will be future afl players that will dowell. As for Port Billy Burstin keeps getting better and afl clubs could do a lot worse than take a punt on Billy Burstin. I would have him at Richmond no worries. Of course the big O should be getting more senior games at Geelong. My afl team Richmond has a spud in Angus Graham on their list when you see a player as good as the Big O running around in vfl level. What a shame. The Big O should be hetting a lot more than 7 afl games next year with the cats. Matthew Knights gets the best out of the kids and gets them ready for afl ranks. Full pointys to Knights. Ayres has also dome well with many changes at the borough. More challenges again in 2013 but Ayresy and Port will come through no doubt. Finally home after a few ales after the game at the locker Room Bar then Nixons followed by Station 28.
Hey vfa do you go to the footy to watch the game or just get pissed LOL
The trouble with 14,000 at Docklands is that the ground fees would chew up most of the gate unless the VFL/AFL have a special deal.
I still think the GF should be at Princes Park.
I think that the VFL comp was a big winner yesterday.
Whilst we all have different opinions on the future of the competition there is no doubt that if it is to progress as a viable respected comp with a future we need the AFL clubs to make it such. ( A U turn by me).
To see all the supporters on the ground after the game had to be good for the image & can only create an atmosphere & interest that has been lacking.
For the betterment of the comp the grand final must be played at the best venue & that is Ethiad stadium.
Maybe 20,000 next year for the Roosters vs Sandy.

Im not saying that Docklands is not the best stadium but unless the VFL can get 20-30,000 which is unlikely then its way too big.

Maybe the VFL should go back to what the VFA did to maximize the GF crowd and play the GF the week after the AFL GF.


Not sure whether you were there or not Billy, but the 14,000 odd crowd seemed to have a lot more atmosphere than other years probably due to Geelong's big following.
I the VFL could work on getting 20,000 with greater promotion & depending on the competing teams it could happen. Unfortunately it can't happen without the support of the large AFL clubs who now look like taking over the league.
Whilst I was totally against the AFL teams it now looks like the competition will whither without them.

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Last year at Etihad bring it back to Visy Park interesting to note Geelong won there 2002 2007 at the venue