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Michael Riley
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VFA v VFL 1931

I have written an article on an early VFA v VFL game. The VFL won the match, a charity game, comfortably. Nevertheless, the contest was full of meaning to all involved. I think the article will be of interest to those interested in VFA/VFL history.

The website is actually about the photographer Charles Boyles who took photos of many different football competitions, including a number of VFA photos in the 1930's.

The website is collaboration between myself and another researcher, Ken Mansell.

Thank you to the vflfooty as my initial queries about a 1930's Brighton photo on this forum are what started our website project.



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Terrific article and some great photos. Two Northcote players made the association team in gun full forward Frank Seymour and Douglas Nicholls who later played for Fitzroy as well as being governer for South Australia. I have had a look at some of the VFA photos in the Charles Boyle collection and there is a couple of good Northcote team photos from the 30s in the lot.


That would have been the only time the VFA ever beat the VFL.

They went close a couple of times but you have to remember that the VFL had some of the best players from other States playing for them.

I saw the ANFC Carnival game VFL V VFA in 1958 at the old South Melbourne ground on a Wednesday night under lights when the VFA stuck with the VFL for 3/12 quarters then the VFL side ran away to make it look like an easy win which it wasnt..

The VFL side that night had Norm Smith as coach and players Owen Abrahams | Allen Aylett | Ron Barassi | Reg Burgess | Jack Clarke | Len Crane | Bob Davis | John Dugdale | Brendan Edwards | Geoff Leek | Ron McDonald | Kevin Murray | Neil Roberts | Bob Skilton | Harry Sullivan | Ted Whitten

Not a bad side!

The VFL thrashed both SA and Tassie only WA got close
The VFA beat Tassie at the MCG.

It was the last time the VFA played in the top division even though Tassie finished last.

The VFA team in those days was not good enough to go with the 3 big States but easily won the second division many times easily.