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I thought the crowd would have been bigger than the 36,000 they got considering it was the last game ever at AAMI and the last day of top class footy of the year.

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A Crowd of around 8000 was at Alberton Oval today to see Adelaide Crows defeat Port a Power by 21pts in the annual "slowdown" legends match.

Adelaide 20-8(128) def Port Adelaide 16-11(107).

Tony Modra named best player with 7 goals.

SANFL trip finishes tomorrow morning with annual unveiling of the premierships colours on the chimney at SA Brewery at Thebarton. I did see a sneak peak today. This is the 60th anniversary of this tradition.

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What an incredible day!!!!!!!

Great weather for the last ever day of footy at Footy Park.

Crowd 36685

Brett Zorzi won Jack Oatey Medal for best player and announced his retirement after the match.

Norwood 2-5 6-5 6-8 10-12(72)
North 1-2 3-2 4-7 4-8(32)

Norwood win back to back flags for 1st time in 90 years.

I did tip winner and margin!!!!!!


Robbo & Breaky.
I'd be interested in your opinions as to the comparisons between Norwood's team & Port's premiership team regarding standard, ability & performance.
Whilst in my opinion Norwood were always the better side but were choked down by North, resulting in a very low scoring match.
Enjoyed the contest & venue but sad to see such a great facility come to a close.
Reminded me a lot of Waverley, great place when you got there but a bastard of a place to get out of.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Great place when you go there? You taking the piss digs? The facilities at the ground are shithouse. Corporate facilities are in the stone ages. Hardly any undercover seating. The place is a shocker!

It would be quicker for me to drive after a match at North Ballarat back to Port. Then it is to get on one of those shit buses back to Adelaide city.

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Today around 400 of the Norwood faithful turned up to West End Brewery for the annual unveiling of the team colours on the chimney this year celebrating 60 years a very South Australian tradition.

Channel 7 who take over the coverage of the SANFL are rumoured to be asking for a Saturday Night grand final when it moves to Adelaide Oval next year.

Also a funny foot note to Grand Final Day there has been a raffle going all year to help raise money for community footy in SA called "Greatest Raffle of all time". At 3 Qtr Time in League Grand Final 22 year old officiating field umpire Curtis Deboy was the winner and his name was displayed in the Superscreens at Footy Park. He won a $500,000 home and land package!!!!

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The grand final is up now on ABC iView
(Available until 20th October)

The match will be shown on ABC1 from 2am tomorrow (Thursday)

Crowd 36685 was the biggest since 1999 Grand Final