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2013 2ND Semi Final - Williamstown vs Port Melbourne at Northport Oval 2:10pm (ABC1TV,Aussie Digital)

This shapes as one of the biggest games between these great rivals. In its 149th year of existence the Seagulls are about to enter a new chapter in returning to its righful stutus as a full club in its own right.

With a recent round of delistings at the Bulldogs, including Patrick Veszpremi and Nick Lower cut from the Western Bulldogs list will be interesting to see which of the Bulldogs that qualify will be selected.

For Port, an injury to Captain Baird has him in doubt.

If Baird doesn't play who comes into that spot? Possibly a tall such as Ryan Gale, or do we inject some run and carry with the likes of Tom Gordon or Mascitti?

Lets hope for a big crowd that this game deserves...Bring on Saturday.


I can't see to many changes for Port. Hinkley, Misitti and Gordon will be pushing for selection. Gale will be a massive chance if Grant or Jones play for Willy. Will be intersting to see which dogs play and which ones have already started mad Monday!

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Hah.. yeah I just updated my earlier post re: who would come in., i reckon its amongst those players as well.

How many has Gordon since coming back from illness. I agree thaSelection will be partly based on who is likely to come in and with possibly wet conditions on Saturday.


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BrekkyDJ, did Ayresy mention anything about selection in this weeks BoroughTV (dont think its out yet).



I thought a few selections by Ayres last week were outstanding. Bringing in Josh Purcell who basically hasn't played all year to do a job on Jackson Paine and also the use of the 23rd man worked to our advantage with the Pies having 3 genuine talls.
With a wet weekend planned I think Georgie Raru will be a chance to sneak in as the 23rd man. His last performance against Willy on debut was sensational too.

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I think there could be two this week Peter. Woofy & Jb if what phil said on Saturday was right.

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BrekkyDJ, did Ayresy mention anything about selection in this weeks BoroughTV (dont think its out yet).


He did (can't remember exact names) - should have that up online by tomorrow morning.

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I'm pretty sure they can work it out from the TV coverage.



B Johnstone* Austin Charleston
HB Tutt Talia Sing
C Lockwood Jolley McNamara
HF Wheeler Roberts Carr
F Wood Markovic Anastasio
R Campbell Prismall Pearce
Int(from)McCallum Veszpremi Witkowski
McConnon Casley Masters
Woods Jong Conway

B Sandilands Noonan Dillon
HB Rowe Pleming Purcell
C Batsanis Pinwill Scipione
HF O'Farrell Hughes S. O'Sullivan
F Bonaddio Galea Langford
R Skipper Cain Valenti
Int(from)Gilmore* Gordon M. Johnston
T. O'Sullivan Hinkley Gale
Burstin Muling Thornton

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Hinkley, Gordon, Gale and Burstin back in the mix. My pick Tom Gordon.


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9 AFL listed players? Have I counted that right? With Campbell back in the side I think Port might bring Gale back,