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Not too bad first up..

I'm not sure what I think of the odds/betting angle they ran with. I'm guessing that's all sponsorship.

The commentary was decent, but the callers fell into calling the Hawthorn, which is fair enough, as the Box Hill name is just a formality I guess.

They still covered the huddles although had to juggle that with advertising breaks.

A Sunday game next week is nice change.

It will be interesting to see how they go with the standalone sides in a fortnight.



Pretty good overall. Will miss hearing the coaches address (not just 30 seconds) and they said 'Hawthorn' a few too many times! But decent first up effort.

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I don't häve a problem with them calling Box Hill "Hawthorn. Everyone knows that Hawthorn have taken over the club but for some strange reason still call the team Box Hill. The only thing resembling Box Hill is that they play homes games in Box Hill. Other than that it's all Hawthorn.

At least Collingwood and Essendon had the intestinal fortitude to go it alone. Not often I give Collingwood credit..but credit where it's due

Why Hawthorn persist with this "Box Hill" charade is beyond me

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Off-field you could say Hawthorn hold all the cards but on-field Box Hill is still strong, 10 VFL listed blokes today, and it would be hard to produce the same quality with just a top-up list.



Coverage was better than the ABC. Seemed to know their stuff worked well together. Thankfully gone are the days where we have to listen to a bumbling biased Ross Booth.
Got to say (and this has nothing to do with the coverage) whoever names the best players on the VFL site clearly has no idea. Mirra was clearly best on ground and he's not even in the top 6 best players listed.


Dazza, the 6 best players listed on the website are done by the coaches.

Not a bad start by Channel 7 although I would have like to see them do a bit of a season preview at half time.

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I sighted some familiar furniture amongst the OB production fleet at Whitten oval.

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Did u notice what they used in the intro footage. 1948 vfa brighton which was initially uncovered by local footy show. Did they rip it off YouTube?


Technically a good coverage and I don’t mind the commentary team (2 ex-Box Hill players amongst them).

It was the first time in quarter of a century that the telecast of a V.F.A./V.F.L. game hasn’t been spoilt by imbecile analysis and shameless self-promotion provided by Phil Cleary, so on that basis alone the switch to Channel 7 has to be a huge step forwards.

The very early 12:15pm start isn’t ideal, however, the V.F.L. telecast has to fit in with 7's A.F.L. commitments, so I understand why it will have to be that way. Not such a big deal for the A.F.L. reserves teams, however, I can see it causing problems for things like match day luncheons and the scheduling of the development league game (a 9:00am start?) once they start covering games at the traditional V.F.A. grounds.


The initial metro average rating was 52K, which you'd imagine would be quite a bit higher once regional and recorded viewings are added, so that's a promising start.

I thought the broadcast was pretty good, not quite at the standard the ABC set but given time it may well surpass that. Hopefully Jason Bennett keeps doing his research on VFL-listed players, he did an OK job but there were some holes there.

Looking forward to seeing the next couple of weeks which will be quite a contrast.

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Decent numbers. I'll try and find the ABC ratings for Round 1 2014.