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Gameday at Frankston, and other stuff

Gonna post this here, got a fair idea it might get back to the club if posted on here ;)

Going to start by congratulating the hard workers at Frankston for keeping the club afloat. Can see many volunteers there each weekend making the wheels turn, and I think your efforts are brilliant.

A few comments though, or possible suggestions.....

What's with the Rocky/Queen music before the game?'s actually ok, but when we have a PA system in place to play music, why can't we hear the club song when the team runs out??? Just a little thing, but am thinking in terms of a "club" feel we should be hearing it.

Could we get a cup of coffee at the snack bar rather than having to go into the social club? It's bloody freezing out there, and a coffee would be handy :) Reckon there is a bit of money to be made each week by selling it at the snack bar.

I'm not sure how we pull this off, but am noticing not nearly enough kids at our home games. How do we make it more family friendly to follow the Dolphins. Can we look at selling family memberships? The "kick the ball into the ute" thing is handy, but there must be more the club can be doing to pull families in?

Great to see club merchandise being sold at the snack bar.....just wondering though if it might be more successful if sold closer to the entrances? I think I might have been the only person on Sunday wearing a Dolphs scarf. I saw quite a few with Coburg scarves.

These things are all said fairly tongue-in-cheek :) Again, I think our volunteers do a terrific job. Am just interested in anything that can make the place just that little bit better (and yes, I would be willing to help out if asked to). Hoping some of our other Dolphin people can kick their own ideas into the mix here.

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Oh, just seeking a clarification too.....was charged for my 14yo son to enter on Sunday. That has never happened at either a home or away game before. Was told at the gate that it says out the front that kids over 12 have to pay. The VFL website says kids 15 and under are free. Just a bit confused on that one.

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Great idea playing the club song when the players run out. I'd prefer not to have any of that music they play now.
+1 for the coffee idea too.....

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Kids under 15 should be free. The club will have to buy you a coffee. Good suggestions and no doubt they will get back to the Frankston hierarchy.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

Wally from Will...
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Willi has a large part of the ground just to the left of the scoreboard set aside for kids activities, an initiative of our new CEO, it's been quite successful judging by the numbers and is an idea now being copied by Box Hill.


We used to have days with a petting zoo and jumping castle at Frankston which were quite popular with the kids, while the coffee van was loved by parents.

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Any chance dolphins today as essendon will be at the lowest of lows in afl ranks. Could it flow to vfl today giving the dolphins a sniff ?

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If they can reproduce last weeks effort against Coburg they have a rough show. Not the strongest Essendon side today, but if they can find a way to keep McKernan and Chapman quiet they might have a hope.


I reckon the Dolphins are a massive chance today if they can get a good start.