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Round 18 - Frankston v Essendon

Frankston 7.9 (51)
Essendon 25.14 (164)

Frankston: Buchan Soroczynski Hammond Bubb Wilson Cavarra Cass
Essendon: Hardingham 4 Coghlan 4 Thompson 3 McKenna 2 Willis 2 Ambrose 2 Heavyside Browne Heppell Schroder Kavanagh McKERNAN Tipungwuti Tagliabue

Frankston: Tuddenham Pongracic Cavarra Valles Hammond Tynan
Essendon: Coghlan O'Brien Ambrose Schroder Hardingham McKERNAN

Dreadful day for Frankston. Essendon completely outclassed the hapless Dolphins. One of the worst performances Ive seen from the club in the last 30 years. Id imagine there would be 6-8 Dolphin players who would be very nervous about their futures. To top it off, Captain Shane Hockey spent most off the second half watching from the boundary line on crutches.
Frankston only managed 7 goals for the day, and 3 of them came from free kicks, and 2 of those free kicks were 50 metre penalties so only managed 4 themselves.
Bombers gave a very even team performance, hard to name their best players as good contributions from all, although Patrick Ambrose was very good all day.


One game left
So over this season.

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Yeah me too ozybeer. Ive had enough lol. I wont be going to Port v Dolphins next week, I think Ill go to the local footy or maybe go watch Sandy on Sunday.

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I know confidence has taken a pounding at Frankston this year, but to watch so many blokes either hang back and hope for the footy or half-heartedly chasing and trying to look like they were making an effort was just rubbish today. Essendon simply embarrassed our blokes with pure effort. Ball skills were bloody horrible too and frankly have been all year. Makes me wonder if anybody works on actually making a decent connection with the ball by foot away from game day itself. If you're trying to play to a game plan that is based on keeping possession of the footy, perhaps it would be a good idea to learn to kick a drop punt that actually travels end over end. This is nowhere near VFL standard footy. Last week against Coburg was a great effort, but if it takes a club stalwart having a milestone game to produce a gutsy effort from our side, then that is not a good statement about where we are at over the journey of this season psychologically.


So what's the answer?
New coach def wasn't!
New pres def wasn't!

Club without doubt has best facilities, best crowds
How do we become a vfl team?
Money buys players, so why frankston have no money?
It's truly terrible watching dolphs this year,

And no I'm not having go kids in the team, they are trying.

Frankston got Nd fair dinkum next season, buy players
Or just be a pokie pub venue were footy just a by product,

Footy should be number one, I truly think frankston carnt last after 2016 if this keeps on

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A lot will depend on how well they recruit next year. If there is no money to buy quality players then they're in strife. On field Frankston is a long way off the pace , although there have been some terrific performances this year. The games against, Footscray, Port and Coburg were all very good efforts. Its easy to remember just the bad but there have been positives. Gardner, Gray, Post, Pickess, Foote, Wilsen,Soroczynski and Tuddenham all showed they are well up to VFL standard, and the 'old timers', Cavarra, Buchan, Newman, Tynan, Pongracic and Hockey all had good years. There are 6 or so that should be shown the door, but the majority of the list should be retained and with the addition of a few bigger bodied players there will be good improvement next year.
The completion of the new Function Centre and the appointment of Brett Angwin as football manager is a huge step forward I believe, it seems he really knows his stuff. But at the end of the day it will come down to recruiting. If they can secure the players they NEED then it will be on ok year. If they just settle for what they can get it will be more of the same as this year.

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Is money our biggest issue? Or is it the perceived culture of the club? It's really frustrating to know that Scott Simpson is running around at Somerville rather than with us.....or Kyle Martin and Zig Alwan are back playing suburban footy at Noble Park. Whatever happened to Dylan Van Unen? Why are these guys lost to us? It's not great as a supporter to turn up to round one each year and be presented with a 60% turnover of players from what we saw the last season. We don't get the chance to see these kids develop from "potential" to bona fide VFL players.

We do have a core of medium size blokes such as Buchan, Gardiner, Newman, Wilsen, Soroczynski and smaller blokes like Tuddenham, Pickess, Cavarra and Hockey who need to be retained too. Hopefully Angwin's focus will be on finding 3 or 4 big bodies who can play a bit. Without them, we are headed for more of the same.

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Money is not the absolute reason a lot of these guys were lost to Frankston last year but it was a factor. Its unbelievable a player of Simpsons caliber is playing for Somerville. I think he only 24/25 and left the VFL way too early but he left because his mate is coaching Somerville and he went with him as assistant coach. Alwan and Martin were always headed back to Noble Park when Fogarty was reappointed coach there. Van Unen, Leigh Osborne Haretuku and Taylor went to Port presumably for more money than they could get a Frankston. I heard Gabriel also went to Doveton for more money. You cant really blame them for going elsewhere if the money is better. Thats a fact of life.
Paul summed up Frankstons future perfectly in another thread on this site just recently. He said all that matters now is what happens next.
I agree. If they f**k it up again next year they might not exist in 2017 or just as bad might be headed to a suburban league.


Only chance I've got to get down to Frankston this year and was a tough day.

Off field new facility looks fantastic and the crowd was good considering the season the Dolphins have had.

Grant Valles was impressive down back although his kicking at times let him down. Not sure what to make of some of the more experienced Dolphins.

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Agreed Bullants, I'm not sure what to make of the more experienced players either. Hockey is an absolute warrior, Cavarra too, but Tynan and Pongracic are ordinary in an inexperienced side. Even Newman yesterday looked ordinary and I know he's not, he has the talent. I find Pongracic in particular to be over-rated.....wins only a small percentage of one-out contests and I find him to be a "smoke blower" when he is beaten or is chasing. Blokes who give 100% effort weekly are a rare commodity at Frankston right now, and if we aren't getting that from the more experienced players in the group, we have a real culture problem developing.

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Valles can definately play but has lacked consistency.A keeper for next year. Most of the more experienced guys have had reasonable years. Josh Newman would probably be disappointed in his year,he is a huge talent but same as most this year, consistency has been a problem. Standout again has been Cavarra.Another very good year. A couple of the older guys will most likely be playing different roles in the team next year should they stick around.