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Round 18 - Frankston v Essendon

Frankston 7.9 (51)
Essendon 25.14 (164)

Frankston: Buchan Soroczynski Hammond Bubb Wilson Cavarra Cass
Essendon: Hardingham 4 Coghlan 4 Thompson 3 McKenna 2 Willis 2 Ambrose 2 Heavyside Browne Heppell Schroder Kavanagh McKERNAN Tipungwuti Tagliabue

Frankston: Tuddenham Pongracic Cavarra Valles Hammond Tynan
Essendon: Coghlan O'Brien Ambrose Schroder Hardingham McKERNAN

Dreadful day for Frankston. Essendon completely outclassed the hapless Dolphins. One of the worst performances Ive seen from the club in the last 30 years. Id imagine there would be 6-8 Dolphin players who would be very nervous about their futures. To top it off, Captain Shane Hockey spent most off the second half watching from the boundary line on crutches.
Frankston only managed 7 goals for the day, and 3 of them came from free kicks, and 2 of those free kicks were 50 metre penalties so only managed 4 themselves.
Bombers gave a very even team performance, hard to name their best players as good contributions from all, although Patrick Ambrose was very good all day.