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North Ballarat WIN TV Games 1996-2001

North Ballarat Win Tv Games.

Round 14 July 14th 1996 North Ballarat v Taralgon

Round 19 August 17th 1997 North Ballarat v Coburg

Round 10 June 13th 1999 North Ballarat v Bendigo Diggers

Elim fINAL August 29th 1999 North Ballarat v Port Melbourne

Round 16 July 25th 1999 North Ballarat v Springvale

Round 8 May 17th 2000 North Ballarat v Richmond

Round 13 June 18th 2000 North Ballarat v St Kilda

North Ballarat v Geelong 2001

Please note these are the games which were listed in the Ballarat Courier For some reason not all games were listed so i might be missing some.

DIGS If you can help in anyway that would be fantastic am i missing many ?