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Northern Blues

Preston. The Bullants, Northern Bullants and potentially the Northern Blues.

How many identity changes can a club make within the last 10 years or so?
Preston was a successful and iconic club within the old VFA, yet take a look at things now.

If the Bullants have to 'sell-out' to Carlton, their aligned partner, to change their red and white jumper, to something more like a Carlton jumper, does that spell the end for all that has anything remotely connected to 'Preston?'

Even if the Bullants are doing it to stay in the VFL for financial reasons so as not to fold, it looks like a total loss of the clubs identity to me.

When Williamstown were aligned with Collingwood, their theme song was changed to follow the tune of Collingwood's one. They kept their blue and yellow jumper, but lost the song, WTF?

If the Northern Blues are formed within the next year or so, opposition supporters will no doubt remind their supporters and players of how 'Blue' their trip home, to the 'Northern' suburbs will be following a loss. No doubt the opposition supporters will also have a dig at them for selling out too.

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