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Northern Blues VAFA

Firstly this is not Northern Blues bashing.

Interesting to see that the Northern Blues Amatuers will enter a senior team in the VAFA in 2013 in Division 4 (really Division 7)

It seems the Amatuer club is an extension into senior ranks of the Preston Bullants Junior Football Club so would it make sense to call them the Preston Bullants Amatuers as there are now two Northern Blues in senior competitions - admittedly at vastly different levels?

What is the connection between the Northen Blues (VFL) and the Northern Blues (VAFA)?

Do all three clubs (Preston Bullants Junior Football Club, Northen Blues (VFL) and Northern Blues (VAFA)) come under the same banner or do they operate as separate entities?

Its an interesting development - reminds me of the North Ballarat Junior Football Club and it's journey to getting a senior team in the Ballarat FL via playing a couple of seasons in the Bendigo FL as North City.

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