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Northern Bullants V Port.Melb Reserves
Northern Bullants 6.6.42 7.8.50 11.12.78 17.13.115 Port Melbourne 1.2.8 5.4.34 6.7.43 12.8.80 N.Bullants [G]- S.Saad 3, F.Raso 3, S.Phelming 3, D.Saliba 2, B.Gutterson 2, P.Scanlon 1, L.Maslin 1, R.Williams 1, S.Perryman 1. Sorry I didn't get Port as don't know their players without a player list. Shane Harvey and Brett Rose were the only blokes I knew. Rose played well, Harvey had a big 3rd quarter, surprisingly he played the last quarter from full-forward. Number 4 played ok for Port. Sadd Sadd, Luke Stevenson, Simon Perryman, Michael Hooper and Brent Colbert played well for the Bullants. With the Bullants having the Bye they used the opportunity to play a number of players who have been playing senior football. Only Brett Zorzi didn't play. Also Carlton Rookie listed players Sam Pleming and Murray Boyd played.
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