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Our game against the Bullants on Sunday
The teams on paper. Port Melbourne B: Urch LeCras Gibson HB: Obst Schwarze Trotter C: Watson Robbins Alexander HF: Pitt Chad Jones Harding F: Cotchett Rocca Gieschen R: McIntosh Lawrence J.Clayton Inter: S.Clayton S.Harvey Rudd Gill Perry Aloi McMahon Finnin Northern Bullants B: Campbell Boyd Wiggins HB: Franchina Livingston Simpson C: Bentick Harford Maslin HF: Colbert Pleming Zorzi F: Fisher Clarke Kenna R: Beasy McGrath Hulme Inter: James Williams O'hAilpin Hoooper Carrazzo Saliba McIntosh Scanlon Firstly good to see Finnin listed as a possible interchange player for the game, as well as Rudd, Aloi, Gill and McMahon all pushing for a spot in the ones. Key Matchups.. I think Urch will probably get the job on the dangerous Kenna Obst would probably be the best person for the job on Harford Lawrence on Hulme would be a good matchup on Hulme. We look the stronger side on paper, but as last week proved, it means nothing if the team isnt firing. With the Roos game on a Saturday, it means that the emergency listed players in Watson, J.Clayton, LeCras will be playing, so I figure the bench will probably be S. Clayton, Gill, Perry, Rudd. I'd like to see wheels and Rudd in the side, but with so few injuries on North's list, Ports coaching staff is left in the enviable position of having some top footballers in the reserves. Looking forward to Sunday :)
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