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Play Nahas forward!
Over the past couple of games, Port have missed some critical chances in front of goals. After the loss against Sandringham, we were even worse in front of the big sticks against Coburg finishing 7.17, and certainly creating enough chances to win the game. I feel that part of this is having Nahas running out of defence. I think we need to play him deep in a forward pocket to feed off contests created by our taller forwards. He is deadly around goals, and should spend more time in that area. Tobes had some great run through the centre, but his kicking for goal in the past fortnight has been very ordinary. Let's just see him kicking it to that hotspot 20-25M out dead in front. Certainly Dukes has had troulbe in the forward line lately, constantly coming up aginst multiple defenders in a marking contest. Would it be worth playing Bonaddio at FF and really crashing packs to give our smalls around goals a chance? I don't think Bona is getting enough game time either and perhaps we should be playing both him and Fanning on the ground, while rotating Dukes and Pitt. Thoughts? It's a 'MUST WIN' against the Mustangs this week. Lift Port! LIFT!
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