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Port V Sandy
In a pretty good game today the mighty Zebs held off a fast finishing Port to win by 10 points.... Sandy won the 1st 3 quarters fairly convincingly to end up leading by around 40 points at 3/4 time... It was nearly a replica of last years game at Port when Port withstood a last 1/4 surge by Sandy to end up winning... This year it was Sandy's turn to win....and they sealed the game late in the last 1/4 with a Nick Sautner goal... Best on ground was Daniel Ward...Simon Godfrey kicked 3 in the 1st 1/4 to set up the win... McKernan played for the Borough but brought his AFL form to the game and didn't do a lot... The umpiring was puzzling to say the least....several 50 metre penalties resulted in goals simply from a player disagreeing with a decision.. The free kick count we found out after the game was 29-14 in Port Melbourne's favour But it's always a great feeling leaving TEAC oval after beating Port Melbourne and today was no exception...the blue rinse ladies near the race were in their usual form today.... I found it difficult to be a tad sarcastic towards them but I'll leave that for another day...we've copped heaps from Port over the's payback time!! As usual with the way the comp is run today the next time these two sides meet the whole team could be different from both sides depending on injuries etc for Melbourne and the Kangaroos...that's why it's good to get the points on the board now..... Again a reasonable crowd with lots of supporters from the Kangaroos and Melbourne there as well as Port and Sandy supporters GO ZEBRAS...
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