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Port's win against Bendigo
I unfortunately had to work from friday 8am to 2pm saturday (snuck in two hours sleep) but it meant not getting up to Bendigo :( I absolutely hate to miss a game. I have watched to 3/4 time now.. Bloody Bendigo have kicked one on the siren During the third the ABC plugged my website again! Cheers ABC. Robbins, Obst, Watson, Urch all been good so far and Hamish has had a pretty good game to date. Jezza has been a little quiet, and again Harvey has looked pretty lazy. Gieschen and Cotchett have come into the game a bit during the third and I will have to stop the game there for now... I'm going to jump in the shower and head down to watch Port's twos play Frankston this morning. Hoping to see Brett Rose get through a full game again. If he does and looks good, I reckon he's a chance of being in the squad for the tassy game next week. Its pretty hard to sum up a game on TV, but I will try and put something up later. I'll put in a summary for todays game against Frankston. cheers, ons.
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