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Rd 5 Frankston v Nth Melbourne

Good win by the Dolphins in a relatively low standard affair. North were poor for most of the night - hard to believe there were 13 AFL listed players in that team.

Same old for Frankston - Newman and Fordham standouts again, Mynott very good in patches, Walker good with 4 goals and Riley had his best game for the year and not far off last years form. Love the way big Reidy is coming along. Coleman-Jones had the better of him overall but he did some nice things. A work in progress for sure.

So, Dolphins 2 from 4 - good wins against two moderates - North and Essendon, but couldnt handle the pressure from GWS and Werribee. Big test next week v St Kilda seconds will give us a better picture of where they are.

Interested in the thoughts of Dolphins supporters on Kai Owens. Always looks the part, works hard, leads up well and seems to be the go to when they are going into attack, but he cant take a mark and cant kick a goal. Same story last year, and I wonder how long they should persevere with him. I'd like to see him tried in defence for a couple of weeks. Looks like he has all the ability in the world but has not performed.