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Rd16: Sandy v Port (Res), Sandy v Tas (Sen)
RESERVES Sandringham 0.1 3.2 5.4 7.8 (50) Port Melbourne 4.3 6.4 12.8 13.11 (89) BEST: Sandringham: Hunter McKenzie Ritterman Hall Raman Johnston Port Melbourne: Henshaw Carroll Dwyer Thomas Cheevers Aloi GOALS: Sandringham: Newton 3 Smith Hughes Ritterman Smith Port Melbourne: Harvey 4 Carroll 3 Bonaddio 2 Rudd Gilham Aloi Milhuissen Very windy conditions at TBO for both matches, and the Can Hill end was the scoring end. Saw a lot of 50m+ goals at that end, which was exciting. Port really set it up with good use of the breeze in the 1st and 3rd qtrs, which netted 10.7 of their total score of 13.11. Port fielded a very strong side - they would beat some of the lower placed VFL senior sides with their line up - which included players like Shane Harvey, Anthony Aloi, John Milhiusen, Adrian Bonnaddio and Josh Rudd. Did like Marcus Carroll, kicked three goals and was pretty classy with his finishing in front of goal. Shane Harvey was alright - four goals is a good day out - but geez what an embarrassment that North took him ahead of Aaron Davey! John Milhuisen played CHB on Michael Newton and I thought was beaten - his man kicked 3 of 7 goals for Sandy. Nick Thomas at FB was good holding Demon Nick Smith to just one goal which came in the last term. Not convinced about the Bonnaddio hype myself, but it wasn't the best day for a big bloke. Former Gippsland Power player Stephen Henshaw was nmed best for Port. Tom Hooker also played, I know there was some talk about him on here a few weeks ago. Cam Hunter was clearly the best Zebra, got back into defence and pulled in some gutsy and goalsaving grabs, and certainly was smart in how he played the windy conditions. SENIORS Sandringham 3.2 7.8 8.8 15.15 (105) Tasmania 4.5 10.5 17.13 17.16 (118) BEST: Sandringham: Ott Crowe Liddell Gallagher Kennedy Tasmania: Callinan Ronaldson Hall Geappen Atkin Jovanovic GOALS: Sandringham: Sautner 2 Godfrey 2 Poyas 2 Gallagher 2 Motlop 2 Bell O'Keeffe Armstrong Dunn Summers Tasmania: Hall 4 Beams 3 Ronaldson 3 Geappen 2 Plapp 2 Callinan Henley Lonergan I'll keep this brief cos I'd presume you'll get a match report for the front page Onslaught from Anthony Brady given 3SER called the game today. Terrific effort from the Tasmanians, just piled on the goals in the third term, got 10 goals up and despite Sandy using the breeze well in the last weren't able to pull the margin back. Ian Callinan was sensational for the Devils, another 30+ possession game. Travis Ronaldson was very good in the ruck, but went forward and kicked three goals, big bloke now build wise, just a tad short for a ruck all the time I guess. Could get away with it today against Ott. Ken Hall kicked four goals for the day, all of which came in the second term. Matt Jovanovic held Sautner very well. Ben Beams was hit in the head twice and nearly had the thing taken off but showed a lot of courage to get up quickly and keep going, he finished with three goals. Matthew Geappen was also very good. Nathan Grima had a good battle with Rod Crowe. For Sandringham it was all very disappointing for them. I realy couldn't pick a player who stamped some authority on the game on the match.
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