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Reserves Prelim Final: Frankston vs Box Hill Hawks
[b]RUTHLESS HAWKS BEAT DOLPHINS[/b] Frankston 2-3-15 4-10-34 7-12-54 10-19-79 Box Hill Hawks 4-4-28 5-8-38 8-13-61 16-14-110 Scorers: [b]Frankston:[/b] Dickson 2.3, Beasy, Morris 2.2, Molan 1.3, Matheson 1.1, Taylor, Barrand 1.0, Oliver, Rebeschini, Krakouer, Manson, Mannix 0.1, RUSHED 0.3 [b]Box Hill Hawks:[/b] Marguccio 6.1, Pedersen 4.0, Hill 2.1, Jolley, Johnson, Gibson 1.2, Holmes 1.0, Daniher 0.1, RUSHED 0.5 Best Players: [b]Frankston:[/b] Taylor, Booth, Krakouer, Oliver, Rebeschini, Carpenter [b]Box Hill Hawks:[/b] Jolley, Marguccio, Pollett, Eva, Hassett, Crook Box Hill were far too good for the Dolphins. It has been a great year for Dolphins who would have thought at the start of the year the Dophins reserves would have finished 3rd. It has been a great ride. Good luck to Box Hill at MC Labour Park next Sunday in trying to knockoff the Undefeated Seagulls.
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