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Sandringham 0.2 6.3 9.5 13.9.87 Werribee Tigers 5.4.34. 7.7.49 9.13.67 13.15.93 Goals Sandringham Sautner 4 Lamb Newton 2 Morton Poyas Summers Bell Yze Werribee Tigers Brown 3 Henderson Podsiadly McMahon 2 Chisholm Davies Sheringham Young Best Sandringham Yze Newton Liddell Crowe Frawley White Werribee Tigers Goldstein Thompson Davies Greenwood Howard Ross Had a look at the game today and didnt much like what I saw. Looks to me the team are just going through the paces and the Melbourne players are now just playing for a spot in the AFL team. If this poor form and attitude keeps up Sandy will be lucky to make the 8 and are maybe better not to! Oh and by the way crowd of about 1000 was pathetic for a place like Werribee. Looks like the Council is wasting ratepayers money on building terraces behind the Geelong end goals for no one to watch from.