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Round 14 Frankston v Collingwood

Frankston 13.4 (82)
Collingwood 19.9 (123)

Frankston: Fox 3 Gardiner 2 Pickess 2 Newman Beech Pongracic Hockey Cavarra Post
Collingwood: Close 4 Greenhough 4 Moore 2 Cox Gray Karnezis Hellier Moloney Blair Matheson Manteit Goodyear

Frankston: Gray Buchan Hockey Cavarra Newman Valles
Collingwood: Dwyer Karnezis Close Wallace Marsh Goodyear

Havent seen the Dolphins for a month or so, and was pleasantly surprised by the improvement since the massacre handed out to them by Carlton seconds..Although the Pies obviously are only middle of the road,Frankston played well had a real four quarter crack and showed some glimpses of brilliance. Two or three passages of play were outstanding, coast to coast stuff with great running, overlaps and precision passes. What Patrick Hill wouldnt give for 2 or 3 big bodied key position forwards. They have a good spread of small/medium runners and a top notch midfield. Cavarra, Hockey Pongracic and the emerging ruckman Post are probably the equal of any midfield in the comp. Plenty to look forward to next year for the Dolphs. Hopefully, finances will permit some decent recruiting.
Dwyer dominated for Collingwood and big Close had a day out with numerous big marks and 4 goals.Darcy Moore did a couple of brilliant things but was relatively quiet.