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Round 16 Williamstown vs Frankston
[b]SENIORS[/b] Williamstown 3-1-19 8-2-50 11-6-72 12-11-83 Frankston 4-0-24 6-2-38 7-5-47 9-10-64 GOALS:[b]WILL'TOWN[/b] Nixon 2, McGough 2, Williams, Morrison, Smoker, Cranage, Kinnear, Shackleton, H.Shaw, Crow. [b]FRANKSTON[/b] Berry 3, Anstey, Folino, Bryan, Fortnam, McCormack, Littlechild. Before the match today for Troy West's 200th game, the Collingwood cheer squad had a banner for him, but the way season has gone for both Collingwood and Willy the banner broke apart in the strong Willy breeze before the players could run through it. The match did not get to any high standard but for a period in the middle part of the 3rd quarter when Williamstown broke away to a 5 goal lead that was the end of the game. Frankston finals chances are gone but the Seagulls are still in the hunt with a big game vs Tasmania next Sunday at home. [b]RESERVES[/b] Williamstown 5-4-34 7-7-49 11-9-75 14-12-96 Frankston 1-1-7 3-3-21 7-9-51 14-11-95 GOALS:[b]WILL'TOWN[/b] Knight 4, Ramsay 3, Dukes 2, Neeson, Uhi, Hollow, Palmer. [b]FRANKSTON[/b] Beasy 6, Barrand 6, Robertson, Ulms. Williamstown dominated the match for the first 3 quarters. The dolphins came back with a rush in trhe last quarter thanks to Ashleigh Beasy and Daniel Barrand, but were not quite good enough to qin the game. There was an incident in the last quarter were Brian Ashton of Williamstown was injured and was helped off the field while he was going off a Williamstown player went into position and play began before the injured player was off the ground so they had 19 players on the ground, a count was not called for.
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