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Round 19 Frankston vs Box Hill Hawks
SENIORS Frankston 2.1 5.3 10.6 11.10 (76) Box Hill Hawks 0.3 1.6 3.9 3.13 (31) BEST: Frankston: Ablett Skehan Pollard Ongarello Taylor Ulms Box Hill Hawks: Height Brennan Jansen Neville Greene Breese GOALS: Frankston: Marigliani 3 Pollard 2 Benbow 2 Phibbs McCormack Kemperman Ablett Box Hill Hawks: Alleway 2 Jansen REPORTED PLAYERS: Frankston: G Robertson reported for tripping B Nixon in 4th Quarter Frankston have advanced to the 1st final series since 2001 after a compreshensive victory over Box Hill Hawks at Frankston today. The Dolphins controlled the game from start but a big 5 goal to 2 3rd quarter got the dolphins to a big enough lead to win the game. Michael Ablett, Matthew Skehan and Shaun Pollard best for the Dolphins. Kristen Height and Luke Brennan best for the Hawks. Box Hill finish the season with a 7-11 record and are currently in 8th place. For Box Hill to make the finals they most hope that Tasmania beat Williamstown next Sunday. For Frankston they can not finish any lower than 7th place if Tassie beat Willy then Frankston can avert a Tassie final by beating Port Melbourne next week and if that happens they will Port again in the 1st week in the finals. RESERVES Frankston 1.2 4.5 7.6 15.13 (103) Box Hill Hawks 1.4 3.6 8.11 8.12 (60) BEST: Frankston: Dunne Butler Beasy Black Barry Paxino Box Hill Hawks: Seehusen Kane Hill Cook Griggs Smith GOALS: Frankston: Paxino 2 Goldsack 2 Dunne 2 Georgios 2 Barrand Darcy Butler Cadd Greenstreet Barry Black Box Hill Hawks: Sowersby 2 Bull Carse Jolley Batchelor Cook Weinert REPORTED PLAYERS: Frankston: Anthony Barry, #41 of Frankston. For Stiking B. Weinert, #8 of Box Hill under AFL law 19.2.2 G (ii) of the laws of Australian Football After a dough struggle Frankston blew the Hawks away in the final quarter kicking 8.7 to 0.1 to upset them by 43pts. Well done to John Georgiou who played a great game up forward for the dolphins even though he didn't get in the best players.
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