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Round 20 Fixture Change
In order to cover Football Victoria's backside cos they have F**KED things up big time, the Werribee v Coburg match will now be played on Saturday August 20th instead of Sunday August 21st. This will allow Werribee a 6 day break if they have to play Bendigo in a Friday night final. The move to a Saturday means I shall not be there, and I am not happy. I think Gannon has a lot to answer for over this whole issue, it has been a total stuff up. It ruins the integrity of the competition with these sorts of decisions. Two games have had to be moved to accommodate this circus they are putting on up at Bendigo the next week. What they do with finals is WRONG, plain and simple. I am very unhappy over this. And it will be worse when a side has to travel to Tassie in Week 2 despite finishing higher. I hope it is Bendigo who have to go down there and I hope they get SMASHED!!!
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