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Geelong 2.3 8.7 8.9 9.10 (64) Werribee 7.6 8.9 12.13 17.16 (118) BEST: Geelong: Spencer Mackie Rahilly Lonergan Thurley Byrne Werribee: Morgan O'Sullivan Ray Robbins Wight Birss GOALS: Geelong: Mackie 2 Haynes 2 Lonergan Koulouriotis Byrne Blake Batchelor Werribee: Bowden 4 Podsiadly 3 Ray 2 Darcy 2 Allan 2 Robbins Skipper Foss Koops My Votes did these before I saw the official best players. 3 - Adam Morgan 2 - Chad O'Sulivan 1 - Cameron Faulkner One of the annoying things about curtain raisers is the people around you don't really give a stuff so they stand up and stretch etc during the game!!!! Adam Morgan was solid good in the backline, he must be considered by the Bulldogs soon, he is performing well week after week. Stiched up Nathan Ablett today. Chad O'Sullivan won the best on ground medal for the Western Derby. Usual solid game from him. Cam Faulkner didnt get in the official best but I though he was decent. Got a lot of the ball through the midfield, had a busy last quarter, but like the fact he was prepared to run and carry. Quite liked Matthew Robbins game, surelyhe's due to play in the Bulldogs team again soon. Played deeper up the ground today that he had in earlier rounds. Pat Bowden was a good contributor with four goals, kicks around corners a bit much for my liking though. Ed Darcy kicked two goals, but both in the last quarter. Travis Robertson finished on the bench and had the leg iced up when he came off. I thought Rahilly was Geelong's best player. Ablett hardly sighted, Garth was on the pine for long periods, Longergan is being groomed as backman and did a decent job today on Podsy, but to me they looked like they need a goalkicker. Maybe they need to decide whether Spencer, Egan and Lonergan are all needed in the backline and move one of them forward. Nathan Ablett is too inconsistent at the moment - 5 goals from 5 games as the full forward is not enough. Most of the scoring was done to the City End, until the last quarter when Werribee added five goals. The Cats second half, which netted just one goal was very disappointing.