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Round 9 - Werribee v Springvale
[b]RESERVES[/b] Werribee 5.2 12.5 18.11 22.12 (144) Springvale Scorpions 0.2 0.2 0.3 2.3 (15) Werribee Goals: Davis 10, Demetriou 3, Guerra 2, S. Potter, Collins, Closter, Castello, Whitten, Morrow, Foreman. Best: Guerra, Davis, Castello, Collins, Pelar, Closter. Springvale Scorpions Goals: Brooks 2. Best: Taylor, Fredericks, Murphy, Rafferty, Callery, Main. Awful game of football. How can Springvale field such an uncompetitive side? They play football they way it shouldn’t be played. Their skills are below scratch, they play unaccountably, they don’t help their teammates out, they go to ground far too easily, they go far too wide and not direct enough and they don’t carry the footy well enough. Coach Paul Evans said to the team at ¾ time that they hadn’t played the way they had been told to at half time. Not much he can do about that I guess. But when you put a team on the ground, they really shouldn’t be that much worse than the team put on the ground by the other side. A couple of times players were pushed over like a feather and that is inexcuseable. One defender decided to run around in a circle and bounce the ball in the backline when under pressure – that shouldn’t happen. For Werribee, Josh Davis is an outstanding forward because he has terrific leg speed, and apart from his 10 goals he missed another four or five as well. Luke Guerra rebounds play so well, Roberto Castello is a sensational reserves player and must be knocking the door down to get his senior debut. Springvale stayed goalless until the last quarter and scored their two goals within two minutes, both to Barry Brooks. One was from a set shot, the other after he roved a spilt mark by a Werribee defender. They blokes they named as their best - James Taylor, Hayden Fredericks and Hugo Murphy - had a go and probably deserve the recognition. [b]SENIORS[/b] Werribee 4.3 7.6 10.8 14.11 (95) Springvale Scorpions 5.6 10.11 14.12 17.15 (117) Werribee Goals: Mitchell 7, Podsiadly 4, Wiggins, Faulkner, Croft. Best: Mitchell, Morris, Podsiadly, Croft, Cross, Rau. Springvale Scorpions Goals: Fisher 3, Houilhan 3, Harrison 2, Wulf 2, Smith 2, Murray 2, Stone, Ferguson, Gram. Best: Stone, Peckett, Fisher, Caples, Ferguson, Waldron, Carroll. Werribee suffered their second loss in as many weeks, this time to bottom side Springvale. Last week they were defeated by the Box Hill Hawks. From the outset, the Tigers were not switched in. They lacked intensity, evidenced by just two tackles for the quarter. Daniel Wulf kicked the Scorpions first three goals, having the better of Bulldogs listed player Lindsay Gilbee. Josh Houlihan and Allan Murray also kicked goals in the first term, while Shayne Smith didn’t kick any goals but had Patrick Wiggins worried with his strength. Nick Stone rucked against Peter Street, and surprisingly gave the Scorpions a very good contest in the centre. David Mitchell was the only shining light in the Werribee forward line kicking two first quarter goals in his 100th game. Farren Ray had been criticised by Werribee coach Barry Prendergast at ¼ time, as had a host of other players, but they were unable to outscore the Scorpions in the second quarter. At half time Springvale led by 23 points. Werribee had to shuffle the team around in an effort to gain some control of the game. Matthew Croft went into defence and took Shayne Smith, and beat him. Dale Morris was effective in defence on Josh Houlihan. Morris is consistantly good at VFL level. Cameron Wight is still learning as a defender, but unlike last week against Box Hill, he had a much younger and equally experienced opponent in Sam Fisher. Despite James Podsiadly and David Mitchell performing well up forward when the footy got down there, the Scorpions had many more contributors across the ground. Daniel Cross was effective as always for the Tigers. It is wrong that he doesn’t get a chance at AFL level. The game was of a low standard, and in the last quarter the Tigers got to within three goals but that was as close as they got. Check the paper tomorrow, but I’d say James Podsiadly was reported in the last quarter for charging Nick Stone and will probably get two weeks for it. He did kick two more goals after that to finish with four for the day. David Mitchell finished with 7 goals and probably should have been 8 as he missed one basically running into an open goal. Mitchell had the better of opponent Ben Heanan. Chris Worner took one of the marks of the year – look out for it on the ABC next week. Werribee have to go back to the selection table and pick adequate replacements for the players lost to the Bulldogs. Skipper, Minson, Morgan and Hargrave were instrumental in their early wins. Teghan Henderson also missed today, and he is a handy VFL player. Side isn't good enough at the moment. The Scorpions had 9 St Kilda and 13 Springvale listed players in the side today, The Tigers had 9 Werribee and 13 Bulldogs listed players.
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