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The Sandringham / StKilda disaster alignment!

After winning 8 premierships between 1985 and 2006 the Sandringham FC board decided to leave the MFC and join with the perennial losers St Kilda in 2009 since that time 14 years to be exact Sandringham have appeared in 3 finals and one on PF and by any measure a very poor result!

That's why I'm calling out the joining with one of the  VFL/AFLs worst Victorian Clubs in both success and club culture as a disaster for the Sandringham FC!

FFS St Kilda  have 27 wooden spoons and ONE Preimership in 140 years - says it all about them.

Unfortunately because St Kilda are such a shit club and have destroyed Sandy and brought them down to their down to their level I don't see any success for the Zebras any time soon and support for the Sandringham to keep on dropping if that is possible!

Maybe it is only time before the once mighty Sandrinhan FC become the Sandringhan Saints or even worse the Southern Saints like the VFL women's team already is.

 I just heard the the pathetic St Kilda has sacked a pretty good coach in Brett Ratten and so it goes on for the bastard child of the VFL/AFL!

They way they are going it will be another 100 years before they win their second flag!

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