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Sandringham v Coburg 12/3
Reserves - Sandringham 15.11.101 Coburg 9.9.63 Warm weather for the players and new faces for the fans made it tough to pick who was who. One familiar face was Ryan O'Connor who played the first half for Coburg. Seniors- Sandringham 3.0 5.2 7.5 11.10 (76) Coburg 4.2 7.5 11.7 14.10 (94) I'll fix the goalkickers up later cos I'm a couple short but: Sandringham - Paterakis 2, Fletcheer 2, O'Keeffe, Sautner, Dunn, Conroy, Johnston, Gallagher Coburg - Limbach 2, McGuane 2, J Houlihan, A Houlihan, Polo, Monteath, Bourke, Meyer, Jackson Sandringham had just four Melbourne reps in the team, Coburg probably had three times that in Richmond players. Rix, Jorgensen, Bruton, Carlson didn't play for Coburg, Sautner played no more than a half in his first game back for Sandringham.
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