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Sandringham v Frankston
Reserves - Final Score SANDRINGHAM 18 12 120 FRANKSTON 14 14 98 Seniors - SANDRINGHAM 7.2.44, 7.4.46, 10.10.70, 10.11.71 FRANKSTON 3.2.20, 6.3.39, 7.7.49, 15.9.99 Goals - Sandringham - Sautner 5, Holland 4, Fletcher 1 Goals - Frankston - Willis 3, Fortnam 2, Winterton 2, Anstey, Holt, Folino, O'Dell, Field, Pollard, McCormack, unlisted #42 Best - Sandringham - Gallagher, Jamar, Ferraro, Holland, Sautner Best - Frankston - Pollard, Winterton, Fortnam, Bryan, Willis Sautner kicked all his goals in the first quarter. The worrying sign for Sandringham is they only had three goal kickers and they did not kick a goal into the breeze. They will need to make sure their midfielders run down and contribute on the scoreboard, not just bang it in from a distance for the tall timber to mark. Sautner can kick goals, but very few sides ever win with only three goalkickers. New Dolphin Sam Anstey kicked Frankstons first goal and they were particularly dominant at centre bounces with their new ruckman Chris Bryan. On leap alone Bryan beat Jamar, but around the ground ball ups/throw ins it was a different story with Bryan struggling physically against Jamar or Holland (Holland inside the forward 50 ruck, Jamar dropping back). Sautner was too strong for his opponent whose name wasn't on the team list (lucky). Pollard started off against Holland but moved onto Sautner later in the game. It freed Holland up somewhat and he scored three goals in the third quarter against former Stingrays ruck Brad Ulms. Holland's contested marking in the third term was a highlight. Jamar looked tired and was taken off midway through the last quarter, Matt Warnock went into the ruck. Frankston had operated with Bryan and Clarke throughout the day. Holland rested the last quarter, but Frankston ran the game out well with the breeze and finished up taking the lead with a Winterton goal and pulled right away to win by 28 points. Gallagher always get plenty of the ball, can be frustrating with the way he uses it and the decisions he makes on field though. Robbie Ferraro could be a good Fothergill-Round Medal tip, the ex-Dragons captain now in his third year of VFL is starting to blossom as a player. Winterton was good for Frankston on a wing, while Fortnam and Willis were lively up forward, particularly in the last quarter. Frankston were determined to win, with mention of revenge for last years 1 point loss in Rd 20 that cost them a finals place at 3/4 time. They'd be better doing it when it counts for 4 points though.
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