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Senior Grand Final - Geelong def Coburg
Probably the worst grand final in a while, big crowd and great weather, but a game that Coburg never really looked a winning chance in and with a burst in the third term the Cats ran right away with it scoring 7.6 to 0.1 for the term. The Tigers disposal was disgraceful, particularly given the number of AFL listed players out there. There must have been a record number of dribble kicks and half volleys as they continually made things very difficult for their forwards. The lack of a ruckman was a major problem for them - Ronaldson is a battler and has done a great job this year but to expect him to carry the load against King and West was always going to be an impossible task. Their back up ruckman - Nat Caruso (yes all 185cm of him!) - copping an injury didnt help their cause. At the end of the day the Coburg side was too short - and they werent able to run the Geelong blokes off their legs. There's no doubt the AFL stand alone side in Geelong copped a big advantage by being allowed to play so many AFL players, I think the governing body might need to look into that a little more. Thats not to take anything away from their win. The Tom Lonergan story is something special and despite the game being so ordinary, his performance is probably what I'll remember most about today. He's got some guts that bloke. And today he did his job at both ends - in defence he did so well in the first half, then switched forward and kick 5 goals in the third term which basically finished it off. And did anyone see the issue with the security guard after the game down in front of the Gardiner Stand? I didn't see what started it - does anyone know? All I saw was the crowd had started streaming onto the ground, next thing I hear this noise and I turn to see this clown from the security company tackling a bloke who was wearing a Cats jumper, pinning him to the ground. Fellow Cats fans were coming across in support, the whole Gardiner Stand was yelling to the security bloke to get off him, booing and heckling him. The coppers came across, the Cats fan was let up off the ground, the cops interviewed him for a bit as the security bloke was ushered into a room at the bottom of the grandstand, copping all sorts of abuse as he walked through the crowd. There were a lot of kids around and its really unfortunate to see stuff like that happening.
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