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Tasmania: The inequality
The Tasmania Devils joined our state competition, but I want to know do you resent their involvement? In an week where the AFL discussion has focused around the selling of home games, is it fair that the Devils buy extra home games in the VFL? Sure, if the draw is 'fair' they will have to travel on planes 9 times a year compared to a maximum of one for some other clubs. That's their problem for having a state league that fell over. Six games in Victoria, a couple of which are against stand alone clubs (that's a shock, how did that happen in the fixture?), is simply not enough. Last year they were unfairly handed a home final, because some head honchos decided to throw equality out the window and award them an unearnt home final. My beef with the Devils is the VFL want us to accept them, but we really don't get to see them here. They have travelled just once so far this year, playing stand alone club Frankston at Frankston. I'm happy to embrace them, they get some good crowds down there and have some good players. But at the moment they are this invisible side who are winning games. Lets have them play here more, lets give opposition fans the chance to appreciate the Tasmanian talent and lets make sure they play a final at Bellerive because they earn it. Thoughts?
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