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Tasmania vs North Hobart
One-sided scorelines: Seniors: TFC Devils 28.18.186 - North Hobart 5.5.35 Reserves: Tassie Mariners 24.16.160 - North Hobart 3.1.19 The Scarecrow wrote on BigFooty: [quote]In Today's Practice game at North Hobart, the Devils thumped the Demons, who manged to only score 6 goals for the match. The worrying sign for the Demons is that Matthew Drury injured what appears to be his shoulder. At first it looked like a leg injury as they called for the stretcher, the worst part is, he did it towards the end of the 2nd Quarter, and they only got him into the ambulance towards the end of Half time, and sent him to the hospital atleast half way through the 3rd. Ben Atkin was quiet for the Devils, Ben Beams popped up for a couple of goals, pretty much looked good, didn't do much either. Luke Shackleton was good in the 1st, went quiet in the 2nd, and played well in the 2nd half, though he only manged to kick one goal, and kicked a couple of points, he was good for the Devils. Also in the middle 17 (looked a lot like John Platten not sure his name) played well most of the game, he looks a lot like former Hawk Johnny Platten with the hair do, body size, and height. Plapp was OK aswell, the Devils pretty much controled the game, North Hobart were never in it. But the Devils still need work, as they only looked like they were crusing. It took until the 2nd half for them to break the game open, and bury the Demons. The crowd although the game was free, was pretty poor, would of been about 600 maybe a few more. For North Hobart, their season looks like it will get worse, I listened to their coach, and he really didn't have much motivation in his address at half time (I hope never to go into the North rooms again!!) Anyway, even though the Demons played the Devils, they still looked pretty much dead, they didn't look like a team that won the flag in 2003. I would think the injury ro Drury will be a big blow to the Demons, would probably miss the first 10 rounds (atleast) depending on how bad it was, and it looked bad. In curtain raiser, the Mariners thumped the Demons aswell, I am not sure if it was the North reserves or colts (I am guessing reserves, because half the side looked too old to be colts) final score saw the Mariners finish with 160 to the Demons 3.1.19. Sad thing is the Demons only scored 1 behind in the 2nd half of the game. The Mariners looked good, though it would be hard to judge them as they played a local side. I would hope to see the Mariners play well this season, they have a few good players, I wouldn't know their name as there was no program, and no list of names anywhere. Even though the main game was a hiding, it was a good game, the Devils played well, the Demons have a lot of work ahead of them before Round 1 of the AFLST Premier League season.[/quote] Sounds like the #17 is Ben Setchell.
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