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Tough for the Zebras

Sandy blew a massive chance at snagging the flag by giving Williamstown an eight goals lead at 3/4 time
There is no such thing as a "valiant loss" during the finals
This is a huge blow to Sandys flag hopes and coming up against a very strong Collingwood
seconds team next week the Zebras could now go out in straight sets.
My money is on Hawthorn seconds to take out the flag most likely playing against the Pies if they get over the Zebras this week.

BTW I think 11.30 is bastard of a time to be playing a vital finals match but I notice the VFL has the time as 2pm for both games which is right?.
A lot of people are hardly out of bed on a Sunday at 11.30 so its sure to effect the crowd a lot when you can sit at home and have brunch if its the right time.

Still you sell you soul to TV channels and this is what you can expect - to be treated like shit.
Of course Im with Ayers in forming a new comp but it aint going to happen as the AFL now OWNS the VFL(sic)lock,stock and barrel and sadly as the AFL puts in most of the money to run the now quasi Reserves comp the clubs that break away wouldnt survive.I believe that the standalone clubs will one by one go by the wayside and the AFL will run a smaller Reserves comp of only AFL clubs in Victoria.

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