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VFL 2s: Willy v Sandy
Played today at the end of the earth (Point Gellibrand): Williamstown 4.6.30 4.8.32 6.10.46 10.12.72 Sandringham 0.0.0 2.7.19 4.11.35 11.15.81 I was impressed with the games of Shaun Neeson (Williamstown) and Brock McLean (Sandringham) but I see they didn't get named in the best! Funny game, with ten goals kicked until 3/4 time, but 11 in the last quarter. At the 18 minute mark of the last quarter Willy led by 17 points, but a goal to Sylvia after a strong mark and another thirty seconds later by Andrew Treloar quickly reduced it to 5 points. Dale Carson was awarded a free kick from tight on the boundary after a Willy defender deliberately put it out of play and kicked a great goal to give Sandy the lead for the first time 22 mins in the last quarter. Andy Biddlecombe kicked another, then Colin Sylvia goaled, followed by a couple of misses and Sandy had a 15 point lead. Shaun Neeson kicked a late goal to reduce Sandy's margin back to 9 points. Neither side were that impressive, Sandy lacked fall of the ball players and didn't deliver it that well inside 50. Willy probably ran the footy better into the wind but in the end maybe they ran out of legs cos of that. Brock McLean was shown no respect early by his opponent (I think Kane McKenzie) and racked up a ton of the footy, a lot of it as the switch player across half back. And his disposal in windy conditions was faultless all day. Colin Sylvia was only average, through the midfield and forward line roles, but he did kick two important goals late. Luke Molan played three quarters. Andy Biddlecombe played a defensive role, rucking was done by Stephen Ott. Shaun Neeson was good across half forward, took plenty of marks. Aaron Ramsay played a more midfield role, rather than forward where I've mostly seen him.
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