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VFL Grand Final........where ?
Just going a bit further with this topic picked up from another thread. There are suggestions of playing the GF at venues such as Docklands. Personally , I'd hate to see it. Like you onslaught I remember the Waverley debacle....what a blight on VFL footy to see a few thousand people scattered over the great expanses of then huge stadium. I reckon Docklands would present a similar picture. And I have to say that the mere thought of playing the jewel in the crown of SUBURBAN footy indoors makes me shudder with horror !!!!!! Personally , I've always been a fan of playing the GF at North Port but given the parking and inadequate changing room facilities I can wear a move to Princes Park...after all it IS still a suburban ground where SOME people can stand up and watch there footy. But Docklands......aaarrrrrrrgggghhhh ! I was a huge fan of developing Victoria Park as a VFL headquarters a few years ago but I fully appreciate the prohibitive costs of redevelopment in volved. But imagine a stadium of our own , playing all finals there and the match of the round each week plaus admin facilities etc etc all supported by a community based sporting complex and social club...............aahhh , dreams eh !! Anyway , for mine , keep the GF at a ground where people have to squeeze in for the big day and consequently DEMAND a bigger venue...then we'll worry about it. What do others think ?
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