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VFL poll regarding AFL listed players.
The current poll on the new VFL website is: [quote]Should there be a limit on the number of AFL Listed players playing in VFL teams each week?[/quote] I was surprised to see that 68% of people do want a limit on AFL players playing in a VFL team on a weekly basis. I wondered what people thought? I personally would like a limit of 10 or 11 AFL players in VFL sides. That way, the club is fielding half or more than half the team, and therefore developing their own players. The remaining 10 (or so players) would play in the VFL reserves side, where Im sure their leadership could have a huge influence on VFL fringe players. I should mention that Port Melbourne had a policy when they had Sydney players coming down each weekend. Initially 10 in the first year, however it became 12 in the final year, so the side was more Sydney than Port Melbourne. Thoughts?
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