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VFL Round 4 - Frankston vs Northern Bullants

Frankston: 11.19.85

Bullants: 4.10.34

Reasonably happy with yesterday's win. One of the more convincing victories we've had in the past few years. 

Still some problems to be ironed out. Goalkicking once again an issue with us kicking more points than goals and failing to win by as much as we could have. Also concerned with some of the skill errors and ill discipline at times. Taine Barlow dropped too many uncontested marks to count. Hopefully it's just a matter of building synergy within the playing group. 

If we can dish out another strong performance against Coburg next week, that gives me a lot of confidence heading down to Geelong. If we manage to be 4-1 after five rounds, I'll be rapt.