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VFL Round 6 Geelong vs Frankston

Well, the Frankston bubble has well and truly burst! The tone was set in the opening quarter with a very lack lustre start and didn't improve much during the day. It was always going to be a tough assignment but not having Gown and O'leary really hurt the side. Not many positives to take away but Lachy Sharp was brilliant on debut and Angus Grant had a great game and continues his great improvement in the ruck. Grey, Quirk and Voss were good and tried their guts out all day.

A couple of things that must be concerning the coaching staff is the innacurate kicking for goal. Seems to happen in nearly every game. 6.13 yesterday, and even though a lot of the missed shots were difficult, players at that level should get most of them. And how Geelong were consistently able to get multiple loose men inside fifty when they were attacking was frightening. The backline structure really needs rejigging - Geelong tore them apart way too easily.

A few guys look like they need a run or two back in local footy to regain form, Colby Nayna 7 possesions is completely out of form Joe LLoyd 8, and Connor Riley (The Clanger King) got 13 but had no effect on the game and really hasnt done much since rejoining the team. Not playing anywhere near his best.

Hopefully the boys can reset during the week and come back with a competitive effort against GWS.

Great to see ex Dolphin Dan Capiron still playing great footy. Looked like being anything as a youngster but it didnt work out for him at Frankston mainly due to an imbecile coach, but has been a very good player for Geelong over a long period of time now.

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Bitterly disappointed with yesterday's game. We looked scared and hesitant going against an AFL club for the first time and the quick, precise ball movement was nowhere to be seen for large portions of the game. The way Geelong slipped tackles so easily and had so many loose players following turnovers was alarming and made us look like amateurs. 

I hope we can expect better against the reserves sides this year because that effort was miles off what I thought we'd be in for this year. And I haven't even gotten into the Voss incident with Clohesy and the potential for him to miss a few weeks when we already have key players out. 

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I'm not really sure where to start with this mess. One of the worst days I can recall as a Frankston supporter of 40 years. Completely uncompetitive, spiritless, weak performance. From minute one they were reactive, never putting any pressure of Geelong for the first 30 minutes, and the tone was set - Geelong must have been laughing at us at their quarter time huddle. Not even a shadow of the hard-working team we saw in the first four games.

Obviously Lachie Sharp's four goals on debut were a highlight......he was definitely the only target we had inside 50. Johnson was up the ground chasing kicks (not getting any). In fairness, the forward line has been decimated by injury with Gown and Harrison Coe joining Butland on the sidelines. Marotta was completely ineffective up there and really doesn't have the marking ability required from a bloke that doesn't lead. The half forward line would suit his bullocking style better. Not sure why the big redhead (name escapes me) didn't get a gig under the circumstances - we were devoid of any tall target other than Sharp. 

I don't want to be critical, but there were some players seriously exposed. Our midfield is completely ineffective at stoppages against a side willing to fight hard on the ground. Reidy looks like a bloke who is believing his own positive publicity from the first couple of weeks - frankly he was laughable. Quirk worked hard around the ground but did stuff all at stoppages. For all of Grant's efforts, we had very few clearances for the day, and those that we did were largely chaos kicks. Need Mynott back in there ASAP. And yes, the "clanger king".....just not up to it, maybe it's time they realise that you have to do more than run to be a footballer - he disposal by both hand and foot is woeful, if he hasn't fumbled it before that.

Josh Smith, who I'm normally a big rap for, had a shocker - dropping uncontested marks (four that I saw, one that slipped straight past him to an unchecked opponent for an easy goal). He is better than that, but this wasn't a great day. Max Williams tried hard down back, but was under siege and outmanned without much help.

Teams have bad days - ours bad ones always seem to be beyond the normal level of bad - we go straight to insipid. Shit happens, it's done now. Until Sunday we looked a million bucks.....the response to this debacle will be interesting. Are we for real? Or is this just another bunch of early season pretenders?

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Jackson Voss csn take a week with an early plea.

as disappointing as it was don’t get too discontent it’s a work in progress , yes the gisl kicking needs improving currently ranked 20th for accuracy.

could be interesting  this week playing at Blacktown swimming pool on Saturday.

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Disappointing day, but hopefully a reality check that will sharpen the focus. Geelong in very good form at the moment, beat Carlton by 101 points the week before.