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VFL Tpping comp 2013


The VFL tipping comp starts again this weekend. This will be the fourteenth year of VFL tipping. Last years winner was Michael 'Tongue' Travers finished with 83 tips beating Greg Thomson who finished with 82 winners. Chris Tetzner was third on 81 tips.

To the past tipsters welcome back.
To the new tipsters welcome aboard.
If you know of any other tipsters that might be interested please forward this on.

I will send a reminder on Thursday this week as well as my kiss of death tips.
Round one is a split round over 2 weeks.
The weekly reminder will be sent each Friday.
Results sent either Monday or Tuesday each week.


Cost $20 for the season.

Prizes based on 100 tipsters are as follows :
100 x 20 = 2000

1st $560
2nd $270
3rd $150

Seven winners 18 x 30 = $540 (Round 9 not included as there are only 4 games played)
If no tipster picks seven winners it will jackpot to the following week. If more than one tipster picks seven, the tipster nearest the aggregate score for the abc game will collect.

Aggregate score for the abc games
Tipster nearest the aggregate score for the abc match of the day will collect $40 For rounds 1/2/3/5/7/9/11/13/15/17/18/19
12 x 40 = $480
Naturally the prizemoney will increase with more tipsters.

I will send a reminder each Friday with my kiss of death tips.
Each Monday I will send the results which will include the spreadsheet with the tipsters tally as well as the weekly wrap with scores and ladders.
This will also be published on the vflfooty website.

If you know any others that maybe interested please forward this email on.
The more the merrier.

Good luck to all tipsters

Saturday March 30 (Round 16 match bought forward due to Foxtel Cup clash)
Port Melbourne v Werribee at Avalon Airport Werribee (ABC game pick the aggregate score)
Sunday March 31
Geelong v Williamstown at Spring Creek Reserve Torquay
Friday April 5
Bendigo v Essendon at Queen Elizabeth Oval
Saturday April 6
Collingwood v North Ballarat at Victoria Park
Werribee v Northern Blues at Avalaon Airport Oval Werribee
Sunday April 7
Box Hill v Port Melbourne at Box Hill City Oval
Casey v Frankston at Casey Fields
Coburg v Sandringham at Coburg City Oval

Last seasons final details
Final prize money for the 2012 season as follows
114 tipsters x $20 (total $2280)

Top three place getters $1180
Aggregate Score $440
Weekly Jackpots $660
1st place $600 Michael 'Tongue' Travers
2nd place $360 Greg Thompson
3rd place $220 Chris Tetzner
Total $1180
Aggregate score
Rounds 1/3/5/7/9/11/13/15/17/19/21 $40 x 11 (Total $440)

Weekly Winners/Jackpots
Total 22 rounds x $30 (Total $660)
VFL Round 22 results
Bendigo 17.11.113 d Box Hill 14.10.94, Werribee 20.16.136 d Collingwood 8.6.54, Williamstown 11.11.77 d Geelong 11.7.73, Casey 12.14.86 d Sandringham 10.7.67, North Ballarat 14.12.96 d Port Melbourne 13.17.95, Northern Blues 15.12.102 d Frankston 9.5.59
Ladder after 22 rounds
Casey 56, Port Melbourne 52, Geelong 52, Werribee 48, Williamstown 46, Sandringham 40, Box Hill 36, Bendigo 36, North Ballarat 36, Northern Blues 24, Coburg 16 Collingwood 16, Frankston 10
ROUND 1 Kain Pollard $30
ROUND 2 Jason 'Gillon' Liebers $30
ROUND 3 Jackpot
ROUND 4 Jackpot
ROUND 5 Jackpot
ROUND 6 Mudassar $120
ROUND 7 Frankston Boy $30
ROUND 8 Aimee Slater $30
ROUND 9 Scotty Archibald $30
ROUND 10 Paul Galwey $30
ROUND 11 Jackpot
ROUND 12 Jackpot
ROUND 13 Comeng $90
ROUND 14 Nancy Meyer $30
ROUND 15 Jackpot
ROUND 16 Glenn Barnard $60
ROUND 17 Gavin Inglis $30
ROUND 18 Tongue $30
ROUND 19 Jackpot
ROUND 20 Zebraman $60
ROUND 21 Frankston Boy $15, Felicia $15
ROUND 22 Hoggy $30
ROUND 1 Stoney $40
ROUND 3 Guinness $40
ROUND 5 Mick CUB $40
ROUND 7 Frankston Boy $40
ROUND 9 Guinness $20, Ian Gee $20
ROUND 11 Hollywood Hogan $20, Charles Caruana $20
ROUND 13 George's kiss of death tips $20, Comeng $20
ROUND 15 Butts $40
ROUND 17 Gibbo $20, Adam Moffat $20
ROUND 19 Barry 'Bulldog' Hemsley $40
ROUND 21 Rick Dennis 'Moorabbin Relic' $20, Sarah Roberts $20

The following tipsters have paid already for the 2013 VFL season
Mick CUB
Michael 'Tongue' Travers
Chris Tetzner
Darren Coldwell
Darren Tudor
Rick Dennis
Jim Kouzoukas
Paul Galwey
Hollywood Hogan
Jason Liebers 'Gillon
Glenn Barnard
Adam Moffat
Michael 'Tongue' Travers has won the VFL tipping by one tip. Tongue picked 83 winners for the season. Last season he came in sixteenth spot. Runner up was first year tipster Greg Thompson who did a superb job first up with 82 winners and only one tip behind the winner. Chris Tetzner came third and finished with 81 tips for the season. Felicia Holland improved out of sight from last season's 64th placing to come 4th on 80 winners. If Geelong had got over the line against Williamstown she would have come equal second. The cats failed by 4 points. Equal fifth all on 79 winners were Port Melbourne pair Comeng, Brekky DJ along with North Ballarat's Digs, Frankston Boy and Penguin.
No tipster managed to select all six winners therefore the final weekly prize went to the tipster with five winners and nearest the aggregate score in the Casey v Sandringham clash. Ten tipsters managed to select all five winners for the round. Bananaman picked 179, John Heaney 186, Chris Tetzner 188, Parry 227, Paul Galwey 171, Sarah Roberts 185, Shane Wilson 172, Billy 'Bulldog' Hector 197, Barry 'Bulldog' Hemsley 115. Hoggy was nearest the aggregate score with 157 points and therefore from the ten tipsters that picked 5 winners Hoggy collects $30.
1ST Tongue 83 tips
2ND Greg Thomson 82 tips
3RD Chris Tetzner 81 tips
4TH Felicia Holland 80 tips
5TH Comeng, Brekky DJ, Digger, Frankston Boy, Penguin 79 tips
10TH Arthur Paul, Paul Galwey, Rockford 78 tips
13TH Andrew Lang, Blackrocker, Brad Jamison, Ian Gee 77 tips
17TH Billy Oakleigh, David Ribchester, John Heaney, Mudassar, Paul Amy, Simon Rachor 76 tips
23RD Daniel Bourne, Fitzy, Gibbo, Jason Borough, Keith Lumley, Saint Zebra John 75 tips
29TH Aimee Slater, Alan Schuback, Barry Hemsley, Jeff Kenny, Jim K, Nancy Meyer, Parry 74 tips
36TH Adam Moffat, Edgar Lee, Geoff Langdale, George, Hoffo, Hoggy, Pat Kangaroos, Sammy, Scotty Archibald, Stephen Davies, Stoney, Willo 73 tips
48TH Ben C, Gavin Inglis, Greg Stephens, Guinness, Heitschy, Jason Liebers (Gillon), Macca, Zebraman 72 tips
56TH Beachy, Cameron, Doug Egerton, Ian Crocker, Trevor Clark 71 tips
61ST Charles, Darren Coldwell, Rooster, Terry Day 70 tips
65TH Angelo, Darren Tudor, David Smith, Graham Cooper, Hams, In for a Penny, Jade Forrester, Joe Lucato, Mal Williams 69 tips
74TH Bobby Borough, Cgull, Hollywood Hogan, Lauschie, Sarah Roberts, Sheeds 68 tips
80TH Arthur M, Denis Lacy, Glenn Barnard, Rick Dennis, Shane Ryan 'Wicker' 67 tips
85TH Chris Douglas, Soup Kitchen, Trent 66 tips
88TH Con Milonas 65 tips
89TH Ashtray Dave, Bananaman, Billy Hector, Foz, Jeff Smith, Stephen Allender 64 tips
95TH Butts, David Lumley, Mick CUB 63 tips
98TH Kain (Casey) Pollard, Matt Lee, Phil Clark (Yobbo), Santa 62 tips
102ND Glen Dooley, Shane Wilson 61 tips
104TH Gerry Gee, Rick Woodstock, Tony Ropes, Zebra Dave 59 tips
108TH Sarah Manallack 56 tips
109TH Garry Hayes, Gouloff 53 tips
111TH Chris Authier 'Vossy' 52 tips
112TH Jim Hines 51 tips
113TH John Ficarra 49 tips
114TH Mic Rees 46 tips