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washup of todays game against the Zebs
Important game for both sides after first round defeats. The Zebras continued their run of wins against Port, now 5 games on the trot. Port kicked with the strong Northerly wind in the first quarter, setting up a five goal lead. But Sandy kicked back in the second, and it was close contest from then on. The score was level at about 25 minutes in time on in the last, with Port missing a several chances to retain the lead, but missed scoring opportunities, which Sandringham took, kicking late goals to steady and run out 9 point winners. Despite the loss there were a few positives... The side responded to the challenge in the last quarter when the flow of play was against them. The midfield worked hard all day in what was a much better effort than the game against Werribee. McKernan coming into the side allowed McIntosh to share ruck duties. Baird and Milhuisen both played well in defence, and the backline held up well despite Obst not playing. LeCras kicked goals, and seems to perform well up the ground. A solid debut from Toby Pinwill, who did some good things during his time on the ground. Tim Hazell looked a lot better this week, kicking 2 goals. Negatives... well Port didn't make the most of their chances up forward. In particular David Pitt had a poor day in front of goals. Urch didn't look to fit in the second half, may have been brought back to quickly perhaps? Maybe he just copped a knock during the game. Next weeks game against Tasmania is now a critical game to get 4 points on the board. Sandringham 3.2 9.6 10.7 16.10 (106) Port Melbourne 8.6 10.8 12.12 13.19 (97) BEST: Sandringham: Armstrong Williams Godfrey Johnson Liddell Carroll Port Melbourne: Baird Milhuissen Le Cras Alexander Watson Cotchett GOALS: Sandringham: Armstrong 3 Holland 2 Williams 2 Motlop 2 Johnson Sautner Heffernan Gallagher Carroll Ritterman O'Keeffe Port Melbourne: McIntosh 3 Le Cras 3 Hazell 2 McMahon McKernan Rudd Harvey Perkins I only got to the ground in time to see the final quarter of the reserves, in which Port turned around a 3 goals to run out 35 point winners. Not listed amongst the best, Bloom impressed me in the last quarter, kicking an important goal, and doing some good work at ground level. Sandringham 7.1 7.3 9.11 9.11 (65) Port Melbourne 2.3 4.7 6.7 13.22 (100) BEST: Sandringham: Buckley Paterakis Dunn Gibb Evans Martyn Port Melbourne: Thewlis Gibson Schwarze Sharpe Henshaw Buckley GOALS: Sandringham: Dunn 3 Smith Paterakis Van Schaik Oughton Martyn Frost Port Melbourne: Thewlis 3 Henshaw 2 Dwyer Hooker Gilham Bloom Carroll Sharpe Schwarze Gibson
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